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The Best of All Worlds: Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley Jose Mier welcomes you to the showcase of the best areas to live–we think–in Southern California, specifically the beautiful community of Sun Valley. Not everyone can live by the ocean and many find it prohibitive, but Sun Valley affords a variety of lifestyles that can rival any other location in the Southland from completely urban to rural.

Sun Valley’s Singular Location

Sun Valley, California is a portion of greater Los Angeles situated about fifteen miles north of Downtown LA. We are a diverse community of approximately 56,000 residents. Median home prices are generally lower compared to other San Fernando Valley cities but unlike our sister cities, Sun Valley is unique in its location. We are nestled between the sister cities of Burbank, North Hollywood and Pacoima and count as part of our city the Verdugo Mountains to the northeast.

Sun Valley and San Fernando Valley views
Sun Valley and San Fernando Valley views

Like every major urban area in the country we have our good areas and those that are set aside for purposes other than housing such as manufacturing. However, our site concentrates on those areas within the city where people live, work, eat and shop. It would be hard to find another area close by which contains all the amenities and facilities that we have. In only a few minutes one can drive from the tree-lined streets of the flat area of our town to the hills and horse properties of the Verdugo foothills and the Stonehurst community.

One of the benefits of life in Sun Valley is our closeness to the I-5 freeway. Because this thoroughfare bisects our city getting to and from just about anywhere in Southern California is very easy. The exits of this freeway make accessing any part of Sun Valley a breeze. From Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Way, Roscoe and Sunland Boulevards or Tuxford St. it’s simple to make your way from the freeway to any part of our town.

Many wide streets make navigating our city a snap. Glenoaks Blvd. runs the length of Sun Valley to the north, paralleled by San Fernando Rd. on the opposite side of the freeway. Streets like Sunland Blvd., Tujunga and Lanershim run north-south, while others such as Roscoe, Strathern and Saticoy run east-west and will take you to all of the other San Fernando Valley cities.

Jose Mier’s Sun Valley Connection

You may be wondering about Jose Mier whose name is part of this website. As a Sun Valley business owner for over two decades and someone who lives in this community the idea struck him to promote life and business in Sun Valley. The economy was growing but for Mr. Mier it seemed like a worthwhile idea to encourage increased growth. Part of this was out of concern for his own business in the catering industry. Increased population would mean more people in Sun Valley who would eventually need services like his. However, Mr. Mier is not alone in this town. Living in Sun Valley means getting to know and befriend neighbors and customers and an healthy economy affects their livelyhoods as well. It’s not enough to put up a sign and hope for clients, everyone in the community needs to make an effort to ensure the well-being of all the residents. Both personally and for altruistic reasons Jose Mier took it upon himself to highlight the positive aspects of his home town.

Prior to the COVID-19 effects on the economy our sleepy enclave was experiencing a sort of renaissance in business and housing. Granted we’ve been able to keep afloat but now more than ever it’s vital to support those businesses in our community that need us most. At the time of this writing that includes our restaurants, hair and nail salons and others that have been prevented from doing indoor business.

While we continue to struggle to keep our neighbors’ businesses above water, it’s still important to stress what kind of environment we have in Sun Valley and attract both home buyers as well as new businesses. As mentioned above a lower median home price can be a great inducement to those looking for a new house. Proximity to schools and parks are also a consideration for those looking to purchase housing and Sun Valley has all this and more.

Historic Mission San Fernando near Sun Valley CA
Historic Mission San Fernando near Sun Valley CA

Variety of Lifestyles in One Location

We think that compared with many of our San Fernando Valley sister cities, we have more to offer from dining and shopping to the choice of lifestyle. For urban dwellers the heart of Sun Valley offers quick access to freeways and other Valley cities. For those seeking a more rustic or rural way of life the horse properties in the northeast offer ranch-style living. The Verdugo foothills also present would-be buyers with homes that have majestic views overlooking the entire Valley.

Our goal at Sun Valley Jose Mier is to point out the absolute best areas of Sun Valley so that those in the Southern California area become familiar with our town and what is has to offer. An increase in residential housing means more disposable income in our community. With shops, businesses and restaurants within or close to all our neighborhoods that means a more vibrant economy. And, while we have enviable neighborhoods within our boundaries even those that are on the lower end of the scale will see a benefit from greater buying power and more opportunities within our own borders.

Please take time to explore this website and investigate each of the areas we profile along with examples of the best Sun Valley has in store for you. To all those looking to relocate to another part of the San Fernando Valley, we think our town has more going for it than pretty much anywhere else in this area. Check the neighborhoods pages for photos, history and suggestions and be sure to return often as we will continuously update our pages.

Welcome to Sun Valley!


Sun Valley Jose Mier Home
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