Welcome to Sun Valley’s Stonehurst Neighborhood

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Stonehurst is unique. There’s just no two ways about it. It occupies the northeasternmost tip of Sun Valley sloping up into the Verdugo foothills toward neighboring Shadow Hills. While it’s only a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Glenoaks Blvd. and busier sections of our community, the atmosphere and landscape are a world apart.

Making your way north on Sunland Blvd., you’ll find access to Stonehurst on Stonehurst Ave. This street will take you through the neighborhood, past rustic homes, some of which are horse properties. The makeup of the area seems rural, as if this were part of the old West. Even the streets have a country feel to them as you pass asymmetrical intersections on your way through.

Drive from Sunland on your way northwest and you’ll pass Stonehurst Elementary School. It has a secluded feel to it as if its builders almost didn’t want you to know it’s here.

A few hundred yards further and you know you’re in horse country with shops like East Valley Feed and Tack and the Stallion Market to your right. The Sun Valley Saddle Club is close by, too.

Close To Natural Beauty

Take Stonehurst Ave. as far as you can and you’ll run right into the Hansen Dam area and it’s greenery, lakes and wildlife areas. If you instead choose to take a left on Wicks St. you’ll find the Stonehurst Recreation Center only a couple of blocks away.

With all the ready access to green spaces, natural beauty, school and a slow-paced lifestyle you can see why Stonehurst is one of Sun Valley’s most desirable places to live in.

Southern California History in Our Backyard

Another thing you’ll find that’s unique about this area are the houses. Alongside the ranch style homes you’ll find houses constructed of stone which look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Quite a difference from the SoCal stucco homes that predominate most areas of the San Fernando Valley. One such home was built in 1925 and is on the Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments list. Historic homes like this are in what is known as the Stonehurst Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.

Stone house Sun Valley CA
Sun Valley Jose Mier showcases historic 1925 house

Similarly you can view another stone building at the Recreation Center. Given that the San Fernando Valley was mostly agricultural until the early years of the twentieth century these are some of the oldest structures we have and stand as tributes to the progress of Greater Los Angeles and the Valley as they grew into what we know today.

Stone building Stonehurst Recreation Center Sun Valley
One of the parks we promote on Sun Valley Jose Mier

For those seeking a bucolic lifestyle but don’t want to leave the Los Angeles area, Stonehurst can be an easy decision. Because it’s part of Sun Valley, we’re especially proud that it falls inside our boundaries. For all the reasons we’ve stated above we think the Stonehurst neighborhood is one of the most desirable areas to call home in Sun Valley.

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