Sun Valley Jose Mier With a Trip to Pasadena

rose bowl sun valley jose mier

Our Sister City is Only 15 Minutes Away


Just about everybody in the United States knows about Pasadena. One of its major claims to fame is the annual Rose Parade which takes place on New Year’s Day. Of course things are a little different this year due to the coronavirus but millions of people tune in every year to watch the parade on TV.

rose bowl sun valley jose mier
rose bowl sun valley jose mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier wants to take a moment to highlight our sister city of Pasadena which is only a 15 minute drive from Sun Valley. In addition to the Rose Parade, football fans know that New Year’s Day is also the day for the Rose Bowl where top college football teams compete for this title. There’s much more to Pasadena, though. Old Town Pasadena is full of great turn-of-the-century architecture, housing restaurants and shops. The drive around downtown Pasadena reveals a lot of history of this city and it’s fun just to look at all the old buildings.

Pasadena is also home to the Norton Simon Museum which has a great collection of art ranging from the old masters to modern and abstract pieces. Whatever you’re looking for, Pasadena is a great place to lose yourself for a few hours and explore. And getting there? It couldn’t be easier. Again that’s another reason we say Sun Valley is a fantastic location. From Sun Valley take the 5 freeway south to the 134 freeway east. Take that a few miles to Pasadena. The 134 turns into the 210 freeway at Pasadena but there are no freeway changes to negotiate. Take the Colorado Street exit and you’re right there in Old Pasadena.

Hey, by the way, did you know that the Pasadena City Hall served as Gotham City Hall in the old Batman TV show? See, there’s a ton of history to Pasadena and it’s SO close to Sun Valley!

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What People Think of Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier has always promoted the most positive aspects of our community, and we really do think that Sun Valley has a lot to offer. But ours is just one opinion among many. Unless you live in Sun Valley and can ask one of your neighbors, how can you determine what residents really feel about our city?

Enter is a website devoted to insight and opinions about communities throughout the United States and we’re fortunate that many people have offered their own opinions of Sun Valley. If you check out their website you’ll see several reviews about our town, most of which are positive with many residents giving Sun Valley four or five stars. reviews sun valley jose mier reviews sun valley jose mier

Of course with any site that is filled with reviews you will have positive as well as negative reviews. In fact people are more likely to leave a negative review about something than a positive one even if they are satisfied with a service, place, etc. Some of the reviews complain about our homeless problem. This is an unfortunate aspect of life in Sun Valley, but it’s not limited to our community. All of Los Angeles County has seen an uptick in homelessness over the past couple years. However, the positive reviews about Sun Valley are heartwarming. Especially when people talk about how they can communicate with their neighbors and how everybody helps everyone else. That’s exactly the type of spirit that we are talking about when we promote the positive aspects of Sun Valley.

For those who are considering moving to Sun Valley, would be hey good website to visit to get an idea of what our own residence think of our community.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Sends Flowers

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Highlighting Bardwell’s Florist


Sun Valley Jose Mier’s purpose is to promote our community’s economy and today we’re taking the opportunity to talk about a well-known florist, Bardwell’s located at 8820 Sunland Blvd Sun Valley, CA, 91352. Bardwell’s is hard to miss. I’m sure you’ve driven past it just as we have man,y many times because it’s located in that triangle section at the intersection of Sunland Boulevard and Glenoaks.

bardwell's florist website sun valley ca
bardwell’s florist website sun valley ca

Lord knows we certainly need to lift our spirits this year and one of the best ways to do this is to send or receive flowers. With Christmas fast approaching it’s a good idea to get your order in soon and send flowers to family or friends, especially the ones that you are prevented from seeing due to our coronavirus restrictions.

If you take a look at Bardwell’s website you’ll see they are a full-service florist and you can easily order from them online without even having to visit. Rest assured, however, that your order is going to be taken care of professionally and promptly. Bardwell’s has been a fixture in Sun Valley for many, many years and it’s one reason want to highlight them today.

sun valley jose mier flower bouquet
sun valley jose mier flower bouquet

If you’re in the market for flowers we are at you to take advantage of a local florist in the Sun Valley California community. After all, we need to stick together and support our local businesses. That just doesn’t include restaurants—which are suffering acutely —but all other types of businesses in our area. If you do drop into Bardwell’s please let them know that Sun Valley Jose Mier has recommended them highly.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Explores Car Auctions

copart website sun valley jose mier

Did You Know About Copart in Sun Valley?


Sun Valley Jose Mier tries to unearth those hidden things in our city that even longtime residents may not know about. One of those things is car auctions and specifically the Copart organization which has a location here in Sun Valley.

Most people, when in the market for a vehicle, go the traditional route, buying from a dealership—either new or used—buy from an individual or these days it’s even possible to buy a car online. However, some people look for unique opportunities such as purchasing a vehicle that’s been damaged in an accident at a car auction.

copart website sun valley jose mier
copart website sun valley jose mier

Copart is a company with locations throughout the United States and sells vehicles at auction. We just happen to have a Copart location here in Sun Valley, however there are locations in just about every state. Car auctions are a fascinating subject and the reasons people take advantage of these auctions are many. Some may want to find a deal and purchase a vehicle that’s been damaged at a low cost and spend the money to repair it. Others may be restoring the vehicle and need parts that they can salvage from a heavily damaged vehicle. As we’ve said it’s an interesting subject but those who want to take advantage of automobile auctions should be knowledgeable and know what they’re getting into. Some of the damage to these vehicles is extensive and if you’re planning to repair the vehicle and drive it you have to be very sure that it will be worth the effort.

With car auctions you really need to know what you’re doing, but if you do you can take advantage of the fact that we have our own Copart location here at 11409 Penrose St. You can also take a look at the Copart website where you can view the automobiles offered throughout the country and can join auctions online. Copart also has an app for your mobile device, giving you the ability to purchase the vehicle at auction with a few clicks. The fact that we have a location here in Sun Valley is good because it allows you to actually visit the location and check out the cars yourself.

If you have the intestinal fortitude to join an automobile auction our city is a perfect place to do this. It is possible to make a good buy, but as we’ve said you need to know what you’re doing. Regardless, this is a fascinating area that most people don’t know about but it could be fun just to take a look at the cars, gather information and think about what you could do with them.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Goes to San Juan Capistrano

san juan capistrano sun valley jose mier day trip

Another Great Day Trip From Sun Valley


Sun Valley Jose Mier has posted other day trips which are easily done starting from Sun Valley and here’s one more: San Juan Capistrano. While George Washington and the founding fathers were busy declaring independence from Britain in 1776, on the other side of the continent Junipero Serra was founding the mission of San Juan Capistrano here in California.

san juan capistrano sun valley jose mier day trip
san juan capistrano sun valley jose mier day trip

The Spanish expedition which came from Mexico into California in 1769 included father Serra who is responsible for founding the mission system we have here in California. San Juan Capistrano is one of those missions. The mission system is very famous and draws a lot of tourists each year, but San Juan Capistrano is probably the most famous. It’s been featured in songs, movies and TV shows especially because swallows return to the mission on a specific date every year, St. Joseph’s day, which is March 19. If you’re unfamiliar with the legend of the swallows you can find out more about it on the mission’s website. You can also find out more about the city of San Juan Capistrano on the city website.

If you’re visiting Southern California and staying in Sun Valley it’s an incredibly easy trip, like just about every other trip we profile on Sun Valley Jose Mier. If you’ve never been to the mission it needs to be one of the trips you make when you visit Southern California. You can stroll around the beautifully-manicured grounds and take in over 240 years of history. When you’re there you feel like you’re in a place out of time, as if you’ve been transported to the 18th century. And it only takes an hour to find that special place.

As we’ve said it’s incredibly simple. Get on Interstate 5 self in Sun Valley and take it for just about an hour to exit 82. That’s it. See? It can’t get simpler than that. That’s why we continually say that Sun Valley is a great place to live and visit and is surrounded by so many fascinating locations here in Southern California. When you’re here you should try to take advantage of San Juan Capistrano and the mission. You won’t regret it.

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Things To Do

Sun Valley Jose Mier Yelp Things to Do

Dining, Hiking and Shooting

Sun Valley Jose Mier always promotes places and activities of interest within our community so it we would always be scouring the Internet for items we think you’d be interested in. Most of us here live in Sun Valley so we know personally what there is to do, but even we don’t know everything so it’s important that we find out and share it with you. One of the great things of the Internet is that so many people have gone and done things and written about them that these reviews are available online. Many of them are on travel for tourism sites like Tripadvisor or Yelp.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Yelp Things to Do
Sun Valley Jose Mier Yelp Things to Do

Yelp is always interesting even though, in our opinion, it doesn’t always contain as much information as we think it should. But if you’re just talking Sun Valley restaurants, well, Yelp is a good place to start. For our search today we looked for things to do in Sun Valley and of course there’s a Yelp page specifically for our city. In addition to the many restaurants we have here there are other places and activities, while not within our borders exactly, are very close by.

One of those activities that people don’t often think about is a shooting range and we are extremely close to one of the best and actually most famous shooting ranges here in Southern California, the Angeles Shooting Range. It’s located just north of Sun Valley in Little Tujunga Canyon and it’s an outdoor shooting range that can accommodate handguns as well as rifles and other weapons. For those looking to get into sport shooting or just for personal protection, going to a shooting range is a good idea. The more knowledge you have about firearms if you are an owner or intend to use one, the better.

We said it was one of the most famous shooting ranges and indeed it’s actually been featured on some TV shows. If you are a fan of classic TV and watch the old private investigator show Canon, starring William Conrad, there is an episode in which the Angeles Shooting Range is prominently featured. People who have used the shooting range will immediately recognize it as the location used in this episode.

If you’re not into shooting or firearms of any kind there are hundreds of other things listed on Yelp that you could do and dozens of restaurants you could visit. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier know well that as we write this indoor and outdoor dining in Los Angeles County has been curtailed for the time being but it doesn’t hurt to check out Yelp and make a list of those restaurants you’d like to visit or try once dining is open to the public again.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Talks Collision Repair

auto damage sun valley jose mier

Sun Valley’s Own Carstar on Sherman Way

Sun Valley Jose Mier is known for promoting local Sun Valley businesses and letting our neighbors know what’s available in our community. One of those businesses we like to spotlight this Carstar on Sherman Way.

auto damage sun valley jose mier
auto damage sun valley jose mier

It’s a fact of life, living here in greater Los Angeles, that we are apt to experience some sort of collision given that we have so many people and so many automobiles here in southern California. We are in urban area and Sun Valley especially is surrounded by freeways. Just the fact that we have so many cars on the road means that the odds of us getting into some sort of collision are greater than elsewhere. Heck, you can’t even go to the grocery store without getting a ding on your car door. So it’s nice to know where we can go to have those dents removed and any other body damage to the car taken care of.

Carstar is our local franchise in a chain national collision repair shops. Ourlocal shop is located at 11027 Sherman Way, Sun Valley, CA 91352.

Do you know what the most common repairs are? According to they are a dented bumper, deep paint scratches, cracked windshield, suspension damage and rear end damage. Costs for these repairs have increased dramatically over the years and these range from a couple hundred dollars up to several thousand for premium paint jobs!
For more information on what’s covered under your auto insurance policy, check with your insurance company. Many repairs may end up being out-of-pocket if they are less than your policy’s deductible.

However, when you are looking for quality repairs regardless of insurance, you now know about Carstar here in Sun Valley.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Recommends Newsbreak App

newsbreak app page sun valley jose mier

Local Info At Our Fingertips


Sun Valley Jose Mier is always on the lookout for news related to our community can we scour the Internet the things of interest to Sun Valley residents. If you haven’t heard of the Newsbreak app, this is an app for your mobile device that will you give you targeted news and information for your local community. In our case that’s Sun Valley, California. If something of interest to us it is important, a news aggregator like Newsbreak will serve up the information to us in a neat list. News that does not concern our part of greater Los Angeles will not be part of the mix.

newsbreak app page sun valley jose mier
Newsbreak app page, recommended by Sun Valley Jose Mier

Newsbreak also has a website that basically serves the same function. Case in point: you want to know about coronavirus in the Sun Valley area and how it affects you. Newsbreak will serve up all the stories related to COVID-19 in an easily digestible format when you can easily pick and choose which article is of most interest to you

It’s nice to see an app that targets specific areas of greater Los Angeles with granularity. Oftentimes we at Sun Valley Jose Mier feel that our community gets overlooked. We tend to be lumped in with every other place in the San Fernando Valley, but residents here know that Sun Valley has its own unique identity. The things that are important to us may or or may not be important to those who live in North Hollywood or Burbank. Because we tend to be overlooked, unless a story concerns Sun Valley specifically it’s sometimes difficult to find information relevant to us specifically. That’s why we are so pleased to have happened upon the Newsbreak app and want to share this tool with the rest of our community.

If you want to have newsbreak at your fingertips it’s easy to install the application on your smart phone or tablet. It’s available on both Apple’s app store and Google Play. Simply download it to your phone and install. Once there you’ll have access to all the Sun Valley information but you could want.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Wishes All a Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the Holiday

Sun Valley Jose Mier staff wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. 2020 has been a very “interesting” year but there’s always reason to give thanks. Friends, family and of course living in the temperate climate of Southern California. At least we in Sun Valley don’t have to shovel snow like some of our friends in other parts of the country.

Take a moment to think about all the good things in your life and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.