Sun Valley Jose Mier Drives to San Diego

sun valley jose mier view of downtown san diego

Couldn’t Be Easier


It certainly appears as though Sun Valley Jose Mier is on a day trip binge but we don’t mind if you call us out for it. We recently wrote about trips to Solvang and Santa Barbara. For this article we’re going in another direction, namely south. Our destination? San Diego, California.

San Diego is a great destination for anyone visiting Southern California, even if you only have a day to look around. A 2-hour drive will put you in downtown San Diego or other places of interest such as La Jolla, Mission Bay or Coronado Island. Balboa Park is also a great place to visit where you can walk around the gardens and look at the great century-old architecture that’s here. A day trip to San Diego could also include the world-famous San Diego zoo or Seaworld.

sun valley jose mier view of downtown san diego
sun valley jose mier view of downtown san diego

Take it from Sun Valley Jose Mier, the list of possibilities when visiting San Diego is almost unlimited. We recommend checking out the many websites dedicated to San Diego including San Diego’s own city website. If you choose downtown San Diego be sure to check out the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier and museum. Nearby along the promenade you will also find the statue called “Unconditional Surrender,” which is a larger-than-life representation of that famous photograph of the sailor kissing the nurse at the end of World War II.

As to getting there, these are directions that no one can screw up. From Sun Valley, hop on Interstate Five going south. That’s it. We told you it couldn’t be simpler. Yes, the route from Sun Valley to San Diego is just one straight drive south on Interstate Five. As you drive you’ll pass through Orange County, by Carlsbad, San Juan Capistrano and stretches of beach and ocean views that will get you in the mood for a visit to this seaside city.

For those of us who live here, we know what San Diego has in store for us but if you’re just visiting Southern California and are spending time in the Sun Valley area, a day trip to San Diego is something you should not miss

Sun Valley Jose Mier Stops in Santa Barbara

sun valley jose mier photo of mission santa barbara

90-Minute Trip From Sun Valley

Our last Sun Valley Jose Mier post was about a day trip to Solvang, but we didn’t mean to give short shrift to Santa Barbara, so that’s what this post is about. If you have an hour and a half to spare you can use it to drive from Sun Valley to Santa Barbara. It’s even shorter then the drive to Solvang and if Santa Barbara is your main destination you can spend more time there.

sun valley jose mier photo of mission santa barbara
sun valley jose mier photo of mission santa barbara

Of course most Californians are familiar with this beach city which was founded in the late 1700s as part of the mission system of Junipero Serra, the Spanish missionary who came to California by way of Mexico. Indeed, the mission church at Santa Barbara is a great tourist destination. But that’s not all Santa Barbara has to offer. Spectacular views of the ocean, gorgeous beaches, world-class restaurants and shopping await anyone who wants to visit. Santa Barbara is also close to the Santa Ynez Valley wine area and wines play a big role in Santa Barbara.

It would take many pages to the activities and things that are available to you as a visitor to Santa Barbara so instead of doing that we recommend you check out Santa Barbara City website. Of course there are some limitations and restrictions nowadays due to the coronavirus but no virus will prohibit you from taking in the fantastic scenery of Santa Barbara or from dining outdoors at any of Santa Barbara’s many fine restaurants.

As we said it’s only a short 90-minute drive from Sun Valley, and like the trip to Solvang we recommend taking the 5, 118, 34, 101 route that we detailed in that blog article. Another idea, for those who don’t want to drive, is to try taking the train. We’re lucky in Sun Valley, California to live so close to several train stations including the one just south of the Burbank airport. You can depart from the station and take the scenic coastline route to Santa Barbara (Amtrak Surfliner). Spend the day there, hop on the train and return. It’s easy and you don’t have to worry about dealing with parking for traffic.

Santa Barbara is only one of many day trips you can easily take from Sun Valley and that’s why we feel Sun Valley is in a central location and a great place to make your base of operations when visiting Southern California.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Drives to Solvang

sun valley jose mier directions to solvang

California’s Danish Village

Sun Valley Jose Mier posted other day trips that are just a short drive away from Sun Valley and the one we are promoting today is unique. If you’re not from Southern California the odds are you may not have heard of Solvang. This charming little village was founded more than a century ago by Danish expatriates and has the feel of an authentic Danish town.

Nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley this tiny enclave has buildings done in Danish style. You’ll also find windmills and stork’s nests throughout the town. Restaurants, wine tasting shops, as well as Danish bakeries and art galleries abound here. It really does feel like you’re in some other country when you visit Solvang. For more information on Solvang check out the city’s website here. Once you learn more about the town you’ll know why it’s a famous southern California tourist destination. If you’re staying–or living–in Sun Valley, it’s only a 2-hour drive, so it makes for a great day trip. You’ll also pass through Santa Barbara so if the mood strikes, you can take a short detour and visit this famous mission city on the same trip.

Sun Valley Jose Mier has often touted our city’s proximity to several freeways and this makes getting to Solvang all the easier. In fact our route of choice is to take Interstate 5 north and then the 118 freeway west. The 118 will turn into the 34 freeway which ends at the 101 freeway. Continue on the 101 west until you hit State Route 154 just past Santa Barbara, then continue on this route until you hit Solvang.

sun valley jose mier directions to solvang
sun valley jose mier directions to solvang

We recommend a morning departure so that you arrive in Solvang around lunchtime and can take advantage of the many restaurants serving traditional Danish food. Then stroll about the town and take in the art galleries, wine tasting, bakeries and souvenir shops. For fans of the film “Sideways” you’ll recognize some locations from that film since it was filmed in this area and have a lot to do with the wines of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Once you experience Solvang you’ll see why it’s such an enjoyable trip. There’s something there for the entire family from kids to adults. Take it from Sun Valley Jose Mier, if you’re just visiting Southern California you need to make this day trip.

Celebrating Sun Valley Veterans

Sun Valley Jose Mier image of American Flags on Veterans' Day

Sun Valley Jose Mier Salutes Our Heroes

We’re not here to talk about Sun Valley Jose Mier today but about all the other people who have served this country and who live in Sun Valley, California. Today is Veterans Day and we just wanted to take some time out of the day to remind you about the sacrifice so many millions of veterans have made over the years to keep this country free and safe.

Sun Valley Jose Mier image of American Flags on Veterans' Day
Sun Valley Jose Mier image of American Flags on Veterans’ Day

You may not realize—unless somebody’s sporting a bumper sticker or other form of identification on their vehicle or perhaps on a hat–but there are many veterans who have fought in America’s wars over the years who now make Sun Valley their home.

As we said you may not realize it, but we wanted to share one small story. Several years ago one of our staff got to meet and become friends with an older gentleman named Jack. They both played trivia at one of the nearby bars in the area. After meeting him our staff member learned that he had been at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. At the time he met him Jack was already in his 90s, but that never slowed him down and up until the end of his life he continued to drive himself around the area. If you looked at Jack you’d swear he was in his 70s. Other than the Pearl Harbor survivor license plate on his truck there’s no way you could tell by looking at Jack that he was one of America’s cherished veterans. But he was. Jack passed away on his 98th birthday last year.

You may see an older gentleman in line at Costco or filling up his tank at the gas station and not give him a second thought, but that same man may have been at Pearl Harbor or fought in the Battle of the Bulge. While we’re safe in our homes and going about our daily business we have people in our midst who may have fought for their lives in hand to hand combat, been captured by the enemy, held prisoner or mistreated. When we can we need to recognize these veterans and honor them. But when we don’t let’s just assume, especially for our older vets, that they served their country when asked.

And even when dealing with younger men and women you never know if they’ve been on the battlefield in some of our more recent conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan so let’s treat one another as if they were even if we don’t know.

Again we just wanted to take today and use it to mention those special people especially those in Sun Valley who should be honored on this day.


Sun Valley Jose Mier Home

Sun Valley High School

sun valley high school website

Home of the Wildcats

Sun Valley Jose Mier wants to inform everyone about life in Sun Valley, California and part of life is education. If you live in or are considering moving to Sun Valley and have high school-age children, chances are you’re going to be familiar with Sun Valley High School, located at 9171 Telfair Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352.

sun valley high school website
Sun Valley Jose Mier supports the Wildcats!

As the school’s mission statement says the high school provides a rigorous educational program which aims to give students the skills to be self-directed learners, critical thinkers and effective communicators. As high schools go it’s relatively small at approximately 400 students. With a high Latino population in Sun Valley there’s always the need for bilingual education and that is one of the focuses of the high school.

In addition to classroom studies and activities the school this part of the Educare program which provides a variety of afterschool programs and activities.

Learning these days is a little more difficult due to the coronavirus and the campus is currently closed. All learning now takes place online. This is unfortunate for those involved in sporting activities and the football team–The Wildcats—cannot play this year. It’s hoped that the solution to the coronavirus will be found relatively soon and that schools as well as all other businesses can reopen fully and we can get back to life as we knew it here in Sun Valley.

The school is headed by principle Tadeo Climaco and has a long track record of academic success with students throughout the years. Although it’s small we here at Sun Valley Jose Mier are great supporters of our local high school and are proud to have it as part of our community.

Pet Health in Sun Valley

shadow hills pet clinic sun valley ca

Sun Valley Jose Mier Reports on Vet Clinic

During this whole coronavirus madness one thing may get overlooked and that is our pets’ health. Of course if you have a pet you’re going to be concerned about its health no matter what, but we haven’t seen a lot of reporting on what the coronavirus is doing to our pets so we of Sun Valley Jose Mier thought it would be a good idea to do so and promote one of our Sun Valley businesses at same time.

If you live in Sun Valley and have a pet you may have your favorite veterinarian, but if not we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to the Shadow Hills Pet Clinic which is located at 11814 Sheldon St. If you’re familiar with the area and you know it’s in the Stonehurst neighborhood and really it’s a stone’s throw away from East Valley Feed and Tack.

shadow hills pet clinic sun valley ca
Sun Valley Jose Mier welcomes Shadow Hills Pet Clinic

Just like people doctors and dentists the veterinarians at Shadow Hills Pet Clinic are taking precautions with respect to COVID-19 and when you make an appointment you’ll show up at the appointed time and stay in your car, with your pet of course, until your called into the office. For better or worse this is how things are being done until the coronavirus receives or disappears which we all pray is very soon.

Animals, just like humans, have their own ailments and of course as they get older they naturally may need their own medications and treatments so it’s good to identify a local Sun Valley veterinarian to help keep your pet healthy. While we at Sun Valley Jose Mier are not biased toward any particular this or veterinarian we do like the Shadow Hills Pet Clinic and just want to inform our neighbors about its existence.

Keeping Sun Valley Healthy

pacifica hospital sun valley website

Pacifica Hospital of the Valley Located Here

One of the most important aspects of life anywhere is health. Staying healthy and having access to emergency services can be critical. That’s why we are fortunate in Sun Valley to have our own hospital: Pacifica Hospital of the Valley, located on San Fernando Rd.

pacifica hospital sun valley website
Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes Pacifica Hosital of the Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier, as you know, continuously promotes the positive aspects of Sun Valley, California and one of these is our own local hospital. Having access to a hospital within our borders means our residents do not have to travel far for routine or emergency health care.

The hospital provides a variety of services in addition to emergency treatment including inpatient and outpatient treatments, telemedicine and care for those who have coronavirus. Like many hospitals in California during our bout with this pandemic, visitors unfortunately are not allowed. This can be heartbreaking for families who have a relative stricken by COVID-19, but it’s something we have to live with for better or worse right now.

The availability of medical services in a community is one of the primary concerns of anyone living in the community or wishing to move to that community. For those who are thinking of relocating to our city the fact that we have world-class medical care as well as so many other amenities and recreational opportunities should put Sun Valley at or near the top of any list.

One of the reasons Sun Valley Jose Mier established this website was to make known all the features and attractions of Oour city which for too long have been overlooked by most of greater Los Angeles. We have felt that Sun Valley has gotten short shrift for far too long and it’s our purpose to publicize the tremendously positive facets of our city. The fact that we have access to medical care in Pacifica Hospital of the Valley should make Sun Valley rate that much higher than our sister cities of the San Fernando Valley. We are proud to have Pacific Hospital as a valued member of our community.

Sun Valley’s Artsy Side

sun valley youth arts center website

Stone House Home to Youth Arts Center

Sun Valley Jose Mier is a big community proponent and wants to take the time to spotlight very special program and location in Sun Valley which is the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center. Longtime residents of Sun Valley are no doubt familiar with the famous Stone House at 8642 Sunland Boulevard. It’s on the list of historical places in California. This stone house was built in 1920 and since 1987 it’s been on the California historical landmark list.

sun valley youth arts center website
sun valley youth arts center website

Now, since 2006, this historic house is also location for the youth arts center. The center provides fine art programs for children ranging from painting to photography and even video production. The youth center website lists all of the activities and classes available for local youth. You can download a PDF of the winter schedule right here.

The center is a great opportunity for kids in and around Sun Valley to try their hands at artistic projects, some of which include drawing, ceramics, mixed media and even street art. Classes take place throughout the week and are open to youth from ages 6 through 17. Cost for classes is currently $36 each and it’s well worth the cost to expose your child the world of art and creativity.

We’re fortunate in Sun Valley to have such programs as are offered by the youth center and it’s one more example why Sun Valley is one of the best places to live in Southern California. Check out the youth center website for more information and all they have to offer and to learn more about this program which is part of the city of Los Angeles.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Spotlight: Francini, Inc.

Francini Inc Sun Valley website image

Just a Stone’s Throw Away

You’ll have to excuse our players words in the title above but we couldn’t help it. As you know Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes all aspects of life in Sun Valley California and that includes business and commerce. Like another Sun Valley business, East Valley Feed And Tack and this latest business really is only a stone’s throw from the Stonehurst neighborhood. It’s Francini, Inc. which is a distributor of marble and other stone used in construction.

Francini Inc Sun Valley website image
Sun Valley Jose Mier recommends Francini, Inc.

For those looking to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house, Francini is one place you want to know about. In fact their Sheldon Street location is the west coast corporate office for the company.

Marble is not the only stone they specialize in. Other stones include limestone, granite, soapstone, and travertine and among others. Unless you’ve recently been in the market for quality stone you may not know about this Sun Valley California operation, but it’s not the only location this company has. They also have locations in Indio, Salt Lake City, Boise, Raleigh, Kernersville and Wilmington North Carolina as well as Denver.

Choosing marble or similar stone for your countertops can increase the value of your home but it also requires special care. Some stones need to be sealed on a regular basis due to the porous nature of the stone. There are other questions you may have, all of which can be answered by a quick check of their FAQ page or simply by giving them a call.

Like East Valley Feed and Tack we’re proud to have such a prominent business located here in Sun Valley. A business such as Francini draws customers not only from Sun Valley but from surrounding areas and these people help boost the Sun Valley economy. Having a business such as this in our city is like having a big anchor store in the shopping mall.

If you’re in the market for premium wtone, we at Sun Valley Jose Mier recommend you check out Francini, Inc. They are located at 11796 Sheldon Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352. Phone: 818.767.5899

Assisted Living In Sun Valley CA

Sun Valley Jose Mier Report on Closest Facilities is a website that lists assisted living facilities in local areas. We in Sun Valley are fortunate to have not one, but three such facilities within our borders and there are others that are only a short distance away as well.

As you know from other articles on Sun Valley Jose Mier the median age in Sun Valley is relatively low. We have a rather youthful population here but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our share of senior citizens, some of whom may require assisted living.

One of the other good aspects about life in Sun Valley California is that the cost of assisted living in our area, much like the median housing prices, is lower then surrounding areas and the national average as well.

According to the median assisted-living cost per month is $2,800 which is below the national median of $3,460. Just like buying a home in Sun Valley, finding affordable assisted living facilities is easier in our community then elsewhere.

Below is a list of the three assistant living facilities within our borders:

Serene Life Senior Care
Provides: Assisted Living
11221 Lull Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Serene Nature Assisted Living
Provides: Assisted Living
10987 Luddington Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Villa Scalabrini
Provides: Assisted Living
10631 Vinedale Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352

If you or your loved one requires such facilities and are looking for affordable options we at Sun Valley Jose Mier recommend you check out the above list, visit each location and determine if it meets your needs. We are always proud that Sun Valley has the things our residents need and senior care facilities are just one more option.