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fenton stem academy sun valley ca

Sun Valley Jose Mier Recommendations

Sun Valley Jose Mier has discussed the topic of education and our community in previous blog posts. Our little city —a hidden gym within the boundaries of greater Los Angeles –boasts 18 Schools. Of those, several are above the average in the state of California in both test scores in student progress. We previously discussed the Stonehurst elementary school but it has a rival in the Fenton stem Academy.

fenton stem academy sun valley ca
fenton stem academy sun valley ca Jose Mier

For those of you don’t know Fenton stem Academy Is an elementary school in the full name is sentences of Academy elementary Center for science technology engineering and mathematics. It’s located at 8926 Sunland Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352. In our search for Sun Valley schools and information we main use of the great website which find handy reference for all the schools in specific area. Are services research for Sun Valley schools. This website initially lists the top five schools in the area in The Fenton stem Academy comes in at number two, just behind Stonehurst elementary. Digging deeper, we can see that the school receives a seven out of 10 rating on great but the individual reviews left about this school are Five star reviews.

Sun Valley is home to the large Latino population so it’s not surprising that the Majority of students in the Phantom stem Academy are Hispanic or Latino. Regardless, student body on the whole performs at an above average level and the difference is between Hispanic and not Hispanic student scores it Is almost nonexistent. This means that we have one of the top schools in the state California right within our midst. Couples or families with children who are contemplating moving to the sun valley Area of Los Angeles maybe surprised to learn that even our little chunk of Southern California has some of the top schools in the state. As proponents of Sun Valley California, we here at Sun Valley Jose Mier like to point out all the benefits of living in this community and having a number of top schools is high on our list.

Central Location in Sun Valley

Another selling point for the sentence stem academy is its central location in the city. Because Sunland Boulevard literally bisects our community it means that anyone who’s located within our borders can you easily access to school. Other communities they’re located nearby such as North Hollywood or Pacoima might want to take advantage of our Sun Valley school system light of the fact we have some of the top-performing educational facilities in California.

Outstanding educational resources, the Great climate, easy access to transportation in proximity to downtown Los Angeles as well as the rest of the San Fernando Valley all add up to make Sun Valley well worth considering as a location to live work and play.

Recent Industrial Fire in Sun Valley

Randall Street in Sun Valley Jose Mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier Reports

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting our community and most the time that it involves listing places of interest some Interesting restaurants and things to do for visitors to Southern California. However, recently– November 30 to be exact—one of industrial sections of Sun Valley was the site of the major fire. The Fire occurred around 4 AM and was located at 10900 block of Randall street. Firefighters were involved in putting out glaze but not until after the entire roof of the building located their collapsed.

Randall Street in Sun Valley Jose Mier
Randall Street in Sun Valley Jose Mier

This area of Randall Street is it cul-de-sac which abuts Sunland Boulevard where it crosses Sunland Park Drive. This particular intersection forms a border between a residential area in the industrial area fire was located. Some of the businesses located in that area to include Comp Tech Auto Repair, precision trailer hitches and welding, Best jumpers party store and CMC party rentals. Luckily the fire did not spread too the Adjacent buildings order to the residential neighborhood across the street.

This does bring up the subject fire safety preparedness in Sun Valley’s industrial sectors. Because of business like precision trailer hitches and welding is by definition going to House many combustible substances, it’s incumbent on all the Businesses in this area to make sure they take extra steps to keep their business as well as those surrounding them safe from fire explosion. In this case damages contained to single building but fighting the fire is made more difficult because of all the trailers and trucks parked in the lot next to the building. These prevented firefighters from more efficiently knocking down the blaze.

Extra care always has to be taken especially in those industrial areas that are close to residential neighborhoods. In this case Randall Street is three close to the historic Stonehurst neighborhood which contains several Century old houses, some of which are on the National register of historic places.

Fortunately Sun Valley José Meyer can report that there were no injuries during this fire nor were any other structures destroyed which is a relief for all involved. Also, the fact that fire happened so early in the morning instead he we’re not at work time which may have also contributed to the absence of any injuries or deaths. You can view a news report by Fox LA on this page.

Metal Recycling in Sun Valley

Los Angeles Metal Recycling company website

Our Neighbors at TM Scrap Metals

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting every aspect of our community and that includes prominent businesses within the borders of Sun Valley California. Has anyone from power the woods will tell you, Sun Valley it Is not just a bedroom community, we have our own industrial section of town. This includes businesses such as junkyards, manufacturing and metal recycling.

Having a dedicated area in which to situate industrial businesses means that the often dirty jobs such as recycling metals for creating cement don’t impact other residential areas. And unless you really have a need to visit one of these businesses, most people even in Sun Valley don’t know they exist. That’s a shame and that’s why we hear want to emphasize some of our industrial neighbors.

Los Angeles Metal Recycling company website
Los Angeles Metal Recycling company website

One of the businesses– Located on Tuxford Street—is TM scrap metals. Now the average citizen usually recycles a few pounds of aluminum cans or plastic bottles in a year but there’s a tremendous need for literally tons of scrap metals. Using aluminum as an example you can see how avoiding throwing your old cans into the trash saves them from being put into a landfill and Taking up space. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand landfills are a finite quantity and that the less we put into them the longer we can use them. That’s where the metal recycling facility like TM scrap metals comes into play. Just about any nonferrous metal could be recycled, reused and turned into something brand-new. Yes they will take your bag of aluminum cans and pay You the going rate, but if you’re a larger business— Say a construction firm–that ends up with a lot of excess metals following the construction of the building, it make sense to take those hundred pounds of unusable, but valuable scrap metal to recycling center.

It’s a triple win because the person or company bringing scrap metal to the recycling center gets rid of all that scrap and also gets paid for it. For companies like construction businesses that adds to their bottom line. It’s a win for the recycling center because they get their supply of third-party metals that they can in turn sell and it’s a win for the community and the environment. All those tons of Metal are Turned into something new and they stay out of our landfills.

So, whether you’re a once in a while scrapper who brings their leftover soda cans intro chunk of change, or larger business that needs to get rid of hundreds or thousands of pounds of scrap metal and you’re located anywhere San Fernando Valley, We recommend our friends at TM scrap metals right here in Sun Valley.

Farming In Sun Valley?

N. Hollywood High website image Sun Valley Jose Mier

North Hollywood Neighbors Include Future Farmers

Sun Valley Jose Mier represents all that is good that attractive about our Community of Sun Valley California. Wife just about every other community Southern California we enjoy good weather almost year-round and are close to all that Los Angeles and its environs have to offer from culture to food and to recreation. Recently we took a look at clubs at Sun Valley high school, specifically the cyber patriots.

However, Sun Valley is intricately tied to our neighbor community of North Hollywood indeed in some instances the boundaries between North Hollywood and Sun Valley seem to disappear altogether. We are fortunate that North Hollywood has reinvented itself as a media capital with its own unique arts District.

N. Hollywood High website image Sun Valley Jose Mier
N. Hollywood High website image Sun Valley Jose Mier

But like Sun Valley North Hollywood has its own high school, North Hollywood high school, in like Sun Valley offers a myriad of clubs the students can join. Looking over the list of clubs we Find one that stands out: future farmers of America. It’s not such a stretch that we would have Youth in our own community were interested in agriculture and farming. Not all that long ago San Fernando Valley primarily agricultural, hosting vineyards, Citrus groves and more. Remnants of our agricultural house still exist, especially neighborhoods like Stonehurst here in Sun Valley or in shadow Valley where most of the acreages devoted to livestock, especially horses.

So here at Sun Valley Jose Mier we are more than a little proud of our neighbors in North Hollywood you have chosen to dedicate themselves to and often underappreciated career which is farming. Indeed, despite attention to The tech sector in recent decades we Tend to forget that we would be nowhere without something to eat. The necessity for a new generation of farmers absolute. Whether working on the small family farm or a large agribusiness farm we continually need people education allows them our nation and indeed the whole world fed. Kudos to North Hollywood high school and their future farmers of America Club.

If you or your children are interested in learning more about future farmers of America and getting into agriculture as a hobby or career you can check out this website. If you live in Sun Valley and want your kids to pursue this type of work then investigating Hollywood high school would be in order.

Sun Valley Neighborhood Council

LA City Hall - Seat of City Council

Power to L.A.’s Districts

Readers of sun Valley Jose Mier’s blog know that we are dedicated to promoting this unique area within the city of Los Angeles. Even though we feel that we stand out among our San Fernando Valley neighbors, even some in this part of greater Los Angeles don’t know that we exist. That’s not the case with Los Angeles City government. Of course they know about us since they are in the business of governing sun Valley along with the rest of Los Angeles California.

LA City Hall - Seat of City Council
LA City Hall – Where Sun Valley is Represented via Neighborhood Council

The city of Los Angeles is broken up into several districts in each of these falls under the oversight one Of the city council members. However for an even more granular look at local government there are several neighborhood councils set up throughout the San Fernando Valley. The Sun Valley neighborhood Council is one of these.

Neighborhood Council such as ours meet on a monthly basis and discuss things of interest an important issues affecting our specific region. Results of these deliberations are then taken to the City Council itself and used in addressing problem specific to one geographic area or another. One case in point would how badly Sun Valley was affected by floodwaters in years past. Due to input from the neighborhood Council as well as citizens of Sun Valley this problem which affected neighborhoods within Sun Valley as well as five freeway was addressed and pretty much eradicated with the construction of underground flood water storage tanks and better drainage within Sun Valley. As an aside the excess water that we collect during the rainy season and which is now stored under some of our sun valley playgrounds and parks can be used for irrigation. This is a welcome change especially during our current drought crisis.

That is but one example of citizens and in government working in tandem to better the lives of residents of our community. Part of the success is due to neighborhood councils such as the Sun Valley neighborhood Council. For more details on this and other neighborhood councils visit

This council meets every second Tuesday at the Villa Scalabrini retirement Center on Vinedale Street here in Sun Valley. Those wishing to provide input to the council can do so in person or by correspondence. The members of the council and their email addresses are listed on the website as well as the physical mailing addresses. Even though we are technically a part of the city of Los Angeles, having our own area neighborhood Council means that we have a certain degree of autonomy and say so on things that concern our specific area. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier encourage all residents of Sun Valley to Take an active part in the government of our community the Check out the Sun Valley area neighborhood council website.

Northern Neighbors: Sunland Tujunga

Sunland-Tujunga Information Website image

Sun Valley Jose Mier Explores

As you know Sun Valley Jose Mier is the number one proponent of life here in Sun Valley, California. The wealth of opportunities, landscapes and things like access to transportation make us unique among San Fernando Valley cities. We’ve talked about different neighborhoods within Sun Valley such as Stonehurst, which is a rural part of our community and we encompass part of the Verdugo foothills. Unfortunately, the availability housing is not unlimited and those looking for a more rural way of life—if they can’t find here—can find it very close by in the community of Sunland-Tujunga.

Sunland-Tujunga Information Website image
Sunland-Tujunga Information Website image

Now Sunland Tujunga is just a few minutes jaunt from Sun Valley but it has more rural aspects to it. For those looking for horse property in particular this might be a good option. The beauty of this area is that it borders the Angeles national Forest so it’s close to civilization on the one hand, but on the other your have access to a Forest close by.

What is living in Sunland Tujunga like? For one thing it’s a bit more expensive our Sun Valley community with studio apartments going for a round $900 per month. Those looking for two or three bedroom apartments should be prepared to spend between $2100 and $2800. Median home prices are also a bit pricier than Sun Valley with the three bedroom home averaging just under $500,000 and four bedroom homes going for about $620,000.

Those who live here need to be on the rugged individualist side of things since public transportation it’s not the greatest. Compare that to Sun Valley with our proximity to the Burbank airport, to train stations at the regional transport center in nearby Burbank as well as easy access to freeways and we beat our neighbors to the north hands-down. But as we said people that want to live in this area are most likely looking for more peace and quiet as opposed to the hustle and bustle of an urban metropolis.

The Closeness of The Angeles national Forest also means that our Sunland neighbors get to deal with critters that we in Sun Valley do not see, such as black bears. One of these was spotted in assignment home only a few weeks ago. Such is the situation when you live close to nature.

On the positive side, someone posts 12 schools, 19 grocery stores or markets, 72 restaurants four banks. Also level of crime is lower in this area compared to other regions of the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles in general.

As we said earlier, sun Valley Jose Mier is first and foremost the primary proponent of Sun Valley California, but we feel like someone qualifies as part of Sun Valley–the northernmost part. For those moving to California from other states or from other parts of our state, Sunland-Tujunga maybe just the place you’re looking for.

Is Sun Valley A Good Place to Live?

Sun Valley Jose Mier Verdugo Foothills

SVJM Gives Two Thumbs Up

SVJM promotes all things having to do with their community there’s a reason for that. We think the Sun Valley California can compete with any other City Community San Fernando Valley. Our purpose it Is to promote Business and commerce within the confines of our community. Part of business his customers and customers of course come from the areas closest to businesses. That means the more people in a certain area, the more potential customers a business has.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Verdugo Foothills
Verdugo Foothills overlooking Sun Valley, CA

We’ve continually sung the praises of Sun Valley, but we’re not the only ones. Others besides ourselves also want to draw attention to sun Valley that’s a good place to Live work and shop. A quick check of YouTube reveals more than one local real estate agent has produced a video showing the good points of our community. We’re going to include that on this page

. As we said before, sun Valley has a number of things to offer and wish separated from other San Fernando Valley communities. At the top of this list is the fact that the median price for housing in Sun Valley is slower than other areas. Our location, also, is unique. We have access to several Southern California freeways, two different train stations and being close to North Hollywood, it’s only a few minutes drive to the nearest metro station. For those who need to get from point a to point B the Los Angeles area, sun Valley makes it easy.

We’ve gone over different businesses, especially restaurants in the various cuisines that can be found in our city. This article is just an overview and we’re not going to go into minute detail about every single restaurant nor pick out one that stands out amongst the others in our city, but suffice it to say the high percentage of Latinos in Sun Valley means that we have some of the finest Mexican food around.

In addition to realtors that want to promote this area and who knows reviews be inclined to take with a grain of salt, you can also check out what Sun Valley residents say of themselves and their community. Website such as contains reviews of various communities and ours, Sun Valley California, gets very positive reviews. In fact most residents say that this is a great place to live. So with those two positive recommendations as well as from us, Sun Valley Jose Mier, we ask you to come visit, shop and Even live in this tremendous community we call home.

Easy Travel With Sun Valley Jose Mier

Jet flying over Sun Valley Jose Mier

Our Airport is Better!

Sun Valley Jose Mier reports on everything that we feel is of interest to residence of our community as well as visitors. One thing we stress over and over again is the ease of navigating our Burbank airport. Compared to the monstrosity that is Los Angeles international Airport, our airport is about 99% less stressful.

Jet flying over Sun Valley Jose Mier
Jet flying over Sun Valley Jose Mier

Living in Sun Valley California we have the opportunity use are nearby Burbank airport almost exclusively. Writers this website authentic flights to the bay area over the Pacific Northwest directly from Burbank without having to spend 45 minutes for more driving to Los Angeles international and then dealing with the traffic jams around the terminals there.

A lot of business people also prefer to fly into her Bank airport Borders on the Community of Sun Valley making incredibly easy to get to. Business people can then stay in one of our sun Valley California hotels or a nearby Burbank ensure their business take them into downtown Los Angeles it’s only a short drive. Of course Southern California is known for us freeways which can become a lot like parking lots during rush hour or if there’s an accident but with no traffic and visitor to Sun Valley can make it to downtown Los Angeles in about 10 minutes.

The same is true for tourists. If you’re visiting Southern California and flying into are Sun Valley – close airport, you are also literally just minutes away from attractions like Universal Studios, Hollywood or the Griffith Observatory.

We have to note, however, that it’s usually more expensive to fly into or out of the Burbank airport compared to larger house the airports like Los Angeles international. However, the ease-of-use the Inconvenience of this airport is well worth the extra cost. Daily parking it Is cheaper in the frequent shuttles that pick people up from the parking lots arrive hey Burbank airport’s two terminals it only a few minutes. If you’re using a taxi ride sure service like Uber, pick up area is also much more convenient then the larger Los Angeles international Airport. Sound it saves you time stress and After all, that’s worth a lot.

All this is to say that for Us as residents of Sun Valley California, we’re proud of our location and all it has to offer. Near the top of the list is our beloved Burbank airport. So whether you’re visiting us the Business or pleasure take advantage of the Burbank airport. We’ll see you soon in Sun Valley.

9 Ways To Jazz Up Your Sun Valley Bath

Jose Mier Sun Valley Bathroom

SVJM Makes It Easy

SVJM knows the bathroom has progressed over the past decades from a strictly helpful and functional space to one that is similar to a spa. And just because there aren’t thousands of dollars readily available for embellishing doesn’t indicate that a bath can’t be distinct, remarkable and thoroughly pleasing. Here are 9 frugal methods to spice up any restroom.

Most of us here in Sun Valley are not in the ultra rich category so trying to spice up a bath on the cheap is something we think our readers would be interested in.

Collections of economical mirrors include both light and space to any restroom. They show colors, faces and other designs and add character and interest.
2. Pictures or prints can be massed on a wall. For optimal effect hang them closely together instead of separated. Photos can be striking if they have a ‘style’, such as:

* Black and white pictures – no color
* Older shots – from the 1930s or 1940s
* The frames are all a similar color
* The images or frames have an originality in common – oval shapes, females only, animals

This embellishing strategy works best in a powder room, instead of a full restroom, since of the high moisture.

3. Crochet can make a striking accent piece for your wall. Try-before-you-buy patterns from Colonial America are rapidly available and a couple of samplers grouped on a wall develop a totally unique bathroom.

4. For color and appeal, toss a carpet on the flooring. In a drab or dull bathroom, a rag carpet or oriental carpet will add beauty and charm. Simply be certain to utilize a non-skid pad below, particularly if anyone will be getting out of a tub or shower.

5. Collections can spark interest and affection. Pottery is an uncommon accent piece for any restroom. Or you might want to try things like old atomizers (from perfume bottles), bottles, coffee cups or other pseudo antiques. One especially exciting restroom consisted of replicas of antique bottles replete with genuine stoppers fashioned from silver and made into old-timey designs.

6. In a restroom, make certain there is adequate space to display your collectibles, like a large, lipped shelf or a roomy window sill. You don’t want accidents to happen with fragile articles. Broken glass or pottery shards aren’t helpful in any space – but it’s particularly damaging in a bathroom.

7. Uncommon colors on a bathroom wall, like melon, chocolate brown or peach, will add drama. Accents like brightly colored towels in a monochromatic bathroom will supply an exceptional accent.

A piece of beaded or crown molding halfway up the wall or near the ceiling can change a room, particularly if it’s painted a cool color. Even a shelf or image rail includes interest.

8. Include living color with plants or newly cut flowers. The energy of plants is relaxing and develops a zen-like environment that is extremely favorable to relaxation and letting go of stress.

9. A piece of furniture, area allowing, can include unusual detail to any bathroom. Many Goodwill or Salvation Army shops will have a battered piece of furnishings that can be restored with sanding, paint and some unusual and sophisticated handles or knobs.

Jose Mier Sun Valley Bathroom
Jose Mier Sun Valley Bathroom

Of course, all nine of these ideas may not fit every person’s bathroom, nor do they have to. Simply pick one or a couple, as your budget allows, and begin gradually adding information. And do not forget the ‘before and after’ pictures!

And remember, sample needlework patterns from Colonial America are always handy and a simply using a couple of samplers organized on a wall produce a bath area that’s completely unique.

To reiterate, colors are, of course, the quickest, and cheapest way to alter any bathroom. Unusual colors on a bathroom wall, like green, caramel or salmon, will add a dramatic flair. Accents such as bright towels in an otherwise drab bathroom will supply an exceptional accent.

A piece of furniture, area permitting, can add unusual detail to any bathroom.


Sun Valley Jose Mier Celebrates Cooler Temps

SoCal Heatwave is History

Sun Valley Jose Mier has its finger onf the pulse of our community and we’ve been hoping for some time for a break form the heat that’s been plaguing us. For the last two weeks at least Sun Valley and the rest of Los Angeles has had to endure triple digit temps. It’s been extremely bad given that Califorinia has been in the midst of a drought. On top of that, our stat’s electrical grid is on shaky ground and we were facing blackouts during the high temperatures. Luckily a bout of rain last week has ushered in cooler temps and it looks like the excessive heat has dissipated.

We encourage SUn Valley residents to contact their state representatives to urge them to keep existing power stations and add more, including hydroelectric power. Sun Valley is not a bastion of ultra-rich; we’re working people who can ill afford high electrical costs or the absence of power should the grid go down during another hot spell.

Jose Mier takes shelter From Sun Valley heat
Jose Mier takes shelter From Sun Valley heat