From Glenoaks to Strathern St.

Sun Valley Jose Mier has applied our own name to the area of Sun Valley that lies in between Glenoaks Blvd at the north end roughly to Strathern St. further south. While some of the northernmost areas along Glenoaks are reserved for more industrial purposes. the majority of Sun Valley is made up of residential housing. This “mid city” region is home to quiet neighborhoods and family homes. Other parts of this region are lined with apartment complexes. The neighborhoods of mid city are usually tucked away on our less-busy streets while our main drags (streets like Strathern of Sunland Blvd.) offer shopping and dining only a few minutes from home.

burbank airport near sun valley ca
Air travel is minutes away from Sun Valley

Green areas are plentiful in mid city Sun Valley and include parks like the Gol Soccer Complex ot the north and Sheldon Arleta Park. Also close to San Fernando Rd is the Sun Valley Recreation Center. To the west you’ll find Strathern Park North and Strathern Park West.

Strathern St. Sun Valley CA
Sun Valley Jose Mier’s favorite street

What makes mid city a popular location is easy access to any one of several main arteries that crisscross the Southland. Sun Valley itself is almost exactly wedged in between the 170 north-south freeway at the west edge the 5 freeway to the east and north and 134 freeway to the south. Getting just about anywhere from mid city is facilitated by these freeways.

We can’t leave out other forms of transportation, either. The Hollywood Burbank airport shares a border with Sun Valley so flights to anywhere in the world can originate minutes from wherever a Sun Valleyite lives. Amtrak service is also only moments away with a stop at the Burbank airport (to the south of mid city) and another line on which the Metrolink runs is located parallel to San Fernado Rd to the north.

Interstate 5 runs the entire length of California so a trip from Sun Valley to San Diego or Sacramento begins easily with several on-ramps providing access. There may not be another location in the San Fernando Valley that’s so uniquely situated.


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