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Welcome to Sun Valley’s NOHO-Adjacent Neighborhood

Sun Valley Jose Mier Profiles Our Bohemian Side: Strathern to Saticoy St.

Sun Valley is a suburb with a variety of identities. From urban in the mid-city section to Stonehurst’s horse properties. However, further south, south of Strathern St., that is, you’ll find our North Hollywood-adjacent (NoHo adjacent) neighborhoods.

Because we’re all part of greater Los Angeles, the lines between “cities” is sometimes blurred and while technically part of Sun Valley, CA, NoHo is so close, residents may not have a specific identity but that’s fine. We can all share in what each of us has to offer. In the case of NoHo that’s quite a bit.

Over the last couple of decades, North Hollywood rebranded itself as NoHo and it’s become an arts mecca attracting live theater, music and dance. The “city” boasts 22 live theaters inside its boundaries including the El Portal which has been around since 1926.

Sun Valleyites in the NoHo-adjecent have easy access to NoHo’s wealth of dining from world-class eateries to spectacular street fare. Tonga Hut is one of the country’s oldest Tiki bars too when you’re in the mood for some kitch. And shopping? NoHo’s got that in spades with its own “Antique Row” where you can pick up some relics from bygone days or some of the latest bohemian clothes at dozens of vintage clothing stores. Don’t forget one of NoHo’s landmarks as well. Circus Liquors, whose large clown sign has greeted residents and visitors alike for many decades.

Sun Valley NoHo Circus Liquors' sign
Sun Valley Jose Mier loves Circus Liquors’ sign

NoHo is also a stop (the end, actually) of Los Angeles’ Metro subway system so there’s ready access to dozens of other locations throughout the Southland from NoHo to Long Beach.

sun valley adjacent north hollywood metro station
Sun Valley adjacent North Hollywood metro stationimage description

Our Sun Valley NoHo-adjacent neighborhood is situated roughly from Strathern St. in the north to Saticoy St. at the southern end. Saticoy is the border between Sun Valley and North Hollywood.

For excitement and the arts it’s only a stone’s throw from Sun Valley and after a day (or more) in our neighboring city, Sun Valley residents can return to the relative calm and quiet of our bedroom communities for a good night’s sleep. It’s just one more reason we at Sun Valley Jose Mier say our town really does have it all.

NoHo Adjacent
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NoHo Adjacent
Sun Valley Jose Mier discusses why our NoHo-adjacent neighborhood is a great place to live.
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