Sun Valley to Beverly Hills

sun valley jose mier goes to beverly hills

LA County Reopening Reason to Travel


Sun Valley Jose Mier has compiled other day trips from Sun Valley but we wanted to make know of this suggestion in light of the fact that it seems Los Angeles County will be easing up on some of our coronavirus restrictions. That means within a few days outdoor dining should be available once again and we can take advantage of it.

sun valley jose mier goes to beverly hills
sun valley jose mier goes to beverly hills

Day trips from Sun Valley don’t have to be very long. I know we talked about trips to Orange County or the Santa Barbara area, but taking a trip to Beverly Hills is only a little over 30 minutes and it’s an opportunity to get out of Sun Valley and change of scenery for an afternoon or whatever you’d like to do.

For visitors to Southern California who are making Sun Valley their base of operations, Beverly Hills is usually one of those things the people want to see when they’re visiting us and it’s so easy. It’s actually an enjoyable drive over the Hollywood hills, including some twists and turns and then you’re in the midst of huge houses and fancy restaurants. Of course visitors to Southern California always want to take a walk down Rodeo Drive and our route will take you right there.

Our favorite way to get to Beverly Hills is to take Hollywood Way south to the 134 freeway. Hop on the 134 West, allow it to merge with the 101 freeway, exit on Coldwater Canyon and head south. Coldwater Canyon will take you over the Hollywood hills and it turns into Rexford Drive. Rexford will take you to Santa Monica Blvd. and it’s only a block or two to Rodeo Drive and shopping and dining. Total drive time: 34 minutes.

If you’re visiting Sun Valley take a quick jaunt over to Beverly Hills to hobnob with the rich and famous. If you’re at Sun Valley resident you could use the opportunity to grab some lunch now that restaurants are reopening. Don’t forget to patronize our Sun Valley restaurants too!