I-5 Corridor Project Affects Sun Valley

Improvements to Freight Corridor

Sun Valley Jose Mier has written about other enhancements to the Sun Valley area including the construction being done on the 5 freeway between Sun Valley and Burbank. But there’s another part of the plans to improve the 5 freeway which include a number of bridges that cross the 5 freeway inside of Sun Valley. You may already have seen some of the work being done on these bridges and would be hard for a blind man not to know about the construction going on around Osbourne Street on the freeway.

If you visit the Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council website you’ll see a little bit more information on this project which was begun several years ago. The estimated time to completion is five 5 to 7 years. Sun Valley residents have already had to deal with changing traffic patterns and road closures as work on the 5 freeway continues in our city as well as Burbank to the south. The bridges that will be affected include the Sheldon St bridge, Laurel Canyon Blvd bridge, Peoria St Bridge, Lankershim Blvd Bridge, Tuxford Off-Ramp over crossing, Olinda St. Pedestrian Overcrossing, Roscoe Blvd Bridge, Sunland Blvd Bridge.

While we must wait to see what the effect of the rebuilding of the Burbank Blvd., bridge has in store for us the rebuilding of these other bridges we hope we’ll have a positive effect on traffic flow as well as the flow of freight through this heavily trafficked stretch of Interstate 5, a freeway which runs entire length of the state of California.