Can Sun Valley Learn From Canada?

recycling plastic bottle in Sun Valley, CA

Canada’s Waste Reduction Week

Sun Valley and greater Los Angeles is always looking for ways to save money and preserve the environment. That’s why we should take a look at how others approach these things. Canada’s Waste Reduction Week Decrease WRW) occurs around October and is a good time great reflect on how we, as individuals, people participate in take part management. A girl we as soon as understood admitted that she did not want to be seen purchasing used products or being concerned with power usage. Waste decrease is not about ego – it is about the health of the planet and of our nation.

recycling plastic bottle in Sun Valley, CA
recycling plastic bottle in Sun Valley, CA

Communities would be smart to look at Nova Scotia’s waste decrease success and attempt to replicate it in their location. With the greatest waste reduction rates in Canada, Nova Scotia has actually decreased land fill contributions by 46% – saving about $31 million per year – merely by making the most of the recyclable and natural products.

Individuals will discover that they do not need to put the garbage out as often, since both the odors and volume are significantly reduced. Numerous garbage collection companies offer discounts to houses with reduced waste as a fiscal reward. Companies, such as restaurants and coffee shops might lower their waste removal expenses by a huge amount merely by recycling their natural waste.

We can likewise assist the waste management market run more effectively. For example, when only full garbage bags and Blue or Green boxes are put out on the curb, the garbage truck does not need to stop as frequently and lose fossil fuels inefficiently while idling. (Incidentally, lorry idling is responsible for 3% of the air contamination issue.) Likewise, by collapsing products like cardboard and paperboard (cereal or family pet food) boxes prior to recycling we are guaranteeing that space is used more effectively – thus reducing the variety of bins needed for transferring materials.

Recycling alone, has a big influence on the environment. Studies have shown that if 100 apartment or condo units practiced maximum recycling, it would save 21.93 thirty-foot trees, 26.86 cubic yards of land fill space, 8,389 kilowatts of electrical energy, and 77.4 pounds of air contamination in just one year!

You see, these seemingly little choices and efforts towards waste management really do make a difference. Can these same improvements be undertaken by us in Sun Valley? We at Sun Valley Jose Mier think it’s worth a try.