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SunValley Jose Mier Is at the forefront of promoting our community. It’s been a while since we talked about the demographics of our city, so we thought we’d take another look. This time it’s been over two years gone through a pandemic. Hopefully we’re on the other side of the Covid 19 virus, but whether or not the residents of Sun Valley continue to suffer the effects of this virus or not, it has no effect on who they are or where they’ve come from.

Sun Valley Jose Mier demographics report image
Sun Valley demographics report image

We occasionally check different sources for demographic information, but this time your humble reporters in Sun Valley José Mier found the website This is yet another real estate related website providing information to people who are considering moving into one community or another. In this case is our community, sun Valley California.

What is most striking about this report is that the median age in our community is 36. That means we have a very youthful population. It makes perfect sense in that Sun Valley has a lower median housing price compared to other areas of the San Fernando Valley. That means that Young people just starting out with their first home for younger families perhaps who are earning as much as others in the Los Angeles area choose Sun Valley starting point. It’s not a bad idea since us we’ve says from time to time that Sun Valley has a lot going for it at the top of the list is the access to transportation, be it by automobile, train, airplane or bus, getting from point a to point B anywhere in the Los Angeles basin is easy with Sun Valley starting point.

The other salient factor that week took from this report is that Half of our population is Born in United States. The other half is made up of United States citizens we’re not born in this country as well as a significant percentage of noncitizens. The fact that Women are is about equally distributed in Sun Valley it’s not surprising mention it only to confirm our already held suspicions.

These are the statistics as of October 2022. The demographics for our Little community really haven’t changed that much in the last two years, despite an exodus from California that has resulted in a loss of one congressional seat for the first time in history. Regardless our community of Sun Valley continues to thrive and those of us who enjoy living in California and all the fringe benefits in California living provides do like living where we are. We can see from this demographic report that so many of our neighbors feel the same way.