Get Into Sun Valley Now!

New Building Projects Are Renovating Our City

Sun Valley Jose Mier has been a proponent of our community from day one. Compared to any other location in the San Fernando Valley we feel that Sun Valley has more than its share of perks to offer those who live here. However, just like our neighbors in North Hollywood, which has undergone a renaissance in recent years and has become a mecca for the arts and entertainment crowd, Sun Valley is poised to do the same.

New developments, both recently completed as well as those slated to begin will contribute too making Sun Valley an even more attractive place to live and which, we feel, will rival North Hollywood as a desirable living location. One of those projects on the books will be an apartment complex on north Glenoaks Boulevard. The redevelopment of this area, now home mostly to restaurants and storefronts will add an aspect of sophistication to the area. New tenants at this apartment building will also provide increased revenue for those same restaurants and shops. The only negative aspect to developments of this kind is possibly increased traffic and congestion.

One would home also that by the time housing projects like the Glenoaks apartment building are complete that we will have seen the last of the coronavirus, allowing people to patronize local restaurants and businesses. Because of the increased development Sun Valley we feel that this is an opportune moment to invest in or move to Sun Valley. Median home prices are still below the Los Angeles average but we foresee in the coming years a transformation of Sun Valley into an even more desirable place to live.