Freezing Temps in Sun Valley?

sun valley jose mier weather 14 days

Sun Valley Jose Mier With an Extended Forecast


Sun Valley Jose Mier keeps an eye on the weather because one of our community is that Southern California, and specifically Los Angeles County, is a pretty temperate area. As we write this, preparing for the week ahead, it’s currently 85°, sunny, and we’re actually running the air conditioning.

Let’s jump forward a few days shall we? Checking the weather on for the next week something really jumped out at us. Sunday, January 24th is supposed to have a low of 31°! Yes, if you read that right. One degree below freezing. Now for our countrymen who live in the Midwest or back east and deal with freezing temperatures for weeks on end, something like this not a big deal. But for us in Sun Valley, it is. The overnight lows almost never dip below freezing so this is quite out of the ordinary. We are supposed to see rain on Saturday the 23rd but nothing for Sunday. If the forecast is a bit off could it be possible that for the first time in our memory Sun Valley sees snow? And we’re talking about Sun Valley, California.

sun valley jose mier weather 14 days
Sun Valley Jose Mier thinks we could see snow!

Regardless of our prognostications and imaginations, it looks like it is going to be cold. That means will be bundling up and of course we need to think about our homeless neighbors would have to suffer on the streets during these periods of freezing temperatures. Indeed the temperatures will be in the low 40s in the days preceding and just after Sunday the 24th so take any precautions you need to.

Southern California just doesn’t get this cold but there are always exceptions and it looks like 2021 has some in store for us.