Sun Valley California Growth

Apartment Boom Taking Place

When Sun Valley Jose Mier launched this website we did it with one goal in mind: to promote how are special community. We’ve always said that Sun Valley is unique when compared to other cities throughout the San Fernando Valley but we seem to be on the cusp of a construction boom that is remaking our city and slowly but surely Sun Valley is becoming one of the premier locations within greater Los Angeles. Yet another apartment complex is on the books to begin construction. It will be a three story, 100+ unit building to be located at 8465 Glenoaks Blvd. Residents in this area know well the location is quite close to the intersection of Glenoaks and Hollywood Way. Currently there are residential houses located here in the development will necessitate their destruction and removal.

8465 N. Glenoaks Bd. Sun Valley, CA Street View
Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of 8465 N. Glenoaks Bd.

This stretch of Glenoaks is usually very quiet and except for rush hour traffic—lots of cars getting on and off Interstate 5 at this location—the street is usually wide open, free of traffic and where most drivers zip down the road at higher speeds. Apartment development is always a double edged sword, however. A fairly large unit such as the one proposed will, of course, mean increased traffic and congestion in the area due to higher population density. This section of Glenoaks this also divided by a median, making turns onto Glenoaks from streets which feed onto it difficult at times, especially when there’s higher traffic levels.

All this needs to be taken into account. Regardless, new construction in this area means more Sun Valley jobs and more people moving into this area and increases our tax base and revenue. New, modern construction, depending on the design, can also have the effect of increasing the visual appeal of the area. This is not the only apartment building project slated to begin in Sun Valley. Others in the Lankershim area of our city as well as the NoHo Metro redevelopment will also contribute to an overall improvement in the look and feel of our community as well as boosting the economy. Sun Valley continues to improve in many areas and this is just one more example. It’s yet another reason Sun Valley Jose Mier takes pride in our growing, improving community.