Sun Valley Jose Mier Spotlight: Francini, Inc.

Francini Inc Sun Valley website image

Just a Stone’s Throw Away

You’ll have to excuse our players words in the title above but we couldn’t help it. As you know Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes all aspects of life in Sun Valley California and that includes business and commerce. Like another Sun Valley business, East Valley Feed And Tack and this latest business really is only a stone’s throw from the Stonehurst neighborhood. It’s Francini, Inc. which is a distributor of marble and other stone used in construction.

Francini Inc Sun Valley website image
Sun Valley Jose Mier recommends Francini, Inc.

For those looking to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house, Francini is one place you want to know about. In fact their Sheldon Street location is the west coast corporate office for the company.

Marble is not the only stone they specialize in. Other stones include limestone, granite, soapstone, and travertine and among others. Unless you’ve recently been in the market for quality stone you may not know about this Sun Valley California operation, but it’s not the only location this company has. They also have locations in Indio, Salt Lake City, Boise, Raleigh, Kernersville and Wilmington North Carolina as well as Denver.

Choosing marble or similar stone for your countertops can increase the value of your home but it also requires special care. Some stones need to be sealed on a regular basis due to the porous nature of the stone. There are other questions you may have, all of which can be answered by a quick check of their FAQ page or simply by giving them a call.

Like East Valley Feed and Tack we’re proud to have such a prominent business located here in Sun Valley. A business such as Francini draws customers not only from Sun Valley but from surrounding areas and these people help boost the Sun Valley economy. Having a business such as this in our city is like having a big anchor store in the shopping mall.

If you’re in the market for premium wtone, we at Sun Valley Jose Mier recommend you check out Francini, Inc. They are located at 11796 Sheldon Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352. Phone: 818.767.5899