9 Ways To Jazz Up Your Sun Valley Bath

Jose Mier Sun Valley Bathroom

SVJM Makes It Easy

SVJM knows the bathroom has progressed over the past decades from a strictly helpful and functional space to one that is similar to a spa. And just because there aren’t thousands of dollars readily available for embellishing doesn’t indicate that a bath can’t be distinct, remarkable and thoroughly pleasing. Here are 9 frugal methods to spice up any restroom.

Most of us here in Sun Valley are not in the ultra rich category so trying to spice up a bath on the cheap is something we think our readers would be interested in.

Collections of economical mirrors include both light and space to any restroom. They show colors, faces and other designs and add character and interest.
2. Pictures or prints can be massed on a wall. For optimal effect hang them closely together instead of separated. Photos can be striking if they have a ‘style’, such as:

* Black and white pictures – no color
* Older shots – from the 1930s or 1940s
* The frames are all a similar color
* The images or frames have an originality in common – oval shapes, females only, animals

This embellishing strategy works best in a powder room, instead of a full restroom, since of the high moisture.

3. Crochet can make a striking accent piece for your wall. Try-before-you-buy patterns from Colonial America are rapidly available and a couple of samplers grouped on a wall develop a totally unique bathroom.

4. For color and appeal, toss a carpet on the flooring. In a drab or dull bathroom, a rag carpet or oriental carpet will add beauty and charm. Simply be certain to utilize a non-skid pad below, particularly if anyone will be getting out of a tub or shower.

5. Collections can spark interest and affection. Pottery is an uncommon accent piece for any restroom. Or you might want to try things like old atomizers (from perfume bottles), bottles, coffee cups or other pseudo antiques. One especially exciting restroom consisted of replicas of antique bottles replete with genuine stoppers fashioned from silver and made into old-timey designs.

6. In a restroom, make certain there is adequate space to display your collectibles, like a large, lipped shelf or a roomy window sill. You don’t want accidents to happen with fragile articles. Broken glass or pottery shards aren’t helpful in any space – but it’s particularly damaging in a bathroom.

7. Uncommon colors on a bathroom wall, like melon, chocolate brown or peach, will add drama. Accents like brightly colored towels in a monochromatic bathroom will supply an exceptional accent.

A piece of beaded or crown molding halfway up the wall or near the ceiling can change a room, particularly if it’s painted a cool color. Even a shelf or image rail includes interest.

8. Include living color with plants or newly cut flowers. The energy of plants is relaxing and develops a zen-like environment that is extremely favorable to relaxation and letting go of stress.

9. A piece of furniture, area allowing, can include unusual detail to any bathroom. Many Goodwill or Salvation Army shops will have a battered piece of furnishings that can be restored with sanding, paint and some unusual and sophisticated handles or knobs.

Jose Mier Sun Valley Bathroom
Jose Mier Sun Valley Bathroom

Of course, all nine of these ideas may not fit every person’s bathroom, nor do they have to. Simply pick one or a couple, as your budget allows, and begin gradually adding information. And do not forget the ‘before and after’ pictures!

And remember, sample needlework patterns from Colonial America are always handy and a simply using a couple of samplers organized on a wall produce a bath area that’s completely unique.

To reiterate, colors are, of course, the quickest, and cheapest way to alter any bathroom. Unusual colors on a bathroom wall, like green, caramel or salmon, will add a dramatic flair. Accents such as bright towels in an otherwise drab bathroom will supply an exceptional accent.

A piece of furniture, area permitting, can add unusual detail to any bathroom.


Patterns And Declarations To “Di”

Sun Valley home interior Jose Mier

Making Your Sun Valley Home a Glam Temple

As a way of life columnist, I’m always looking for tips on living the chic lifestyle and fashion declarations especially on how we at Sun Valley Jose Mier can adopt some trends for our own homes.

Sun Valley home interior Jose Mier
Glam home interior Sun Valley Jose Mier

Nothing makes more of a declaration than having an advanced “concept resource” at my fingertips for days at the beach, nights on the town and supper parties at home.

Among my favorites is the Spiegel catalog, which provides motivation on amusing, embellishing and even a fantastic mixed drink dress.

At your next party, release your inner fashionista. When the celebration heats up, bear your shoulders with a silk halter dress in vibrant green. And bejewel yourself with a gold and green jeweled brocade bag that won’t set your budget back, however will spring your inner princess forward.

Accessories are the DNA of enduring glamour, so who wishes to be seen in something a million other females already own? Opt perhaps instead for a cameo bracelet in brass by Michael Negrin, who creates vintage-inspired jewels made to assist you feel like a Victorian queen. Or include an amazing yet fragile multistrand pearl pendant to your gem collection. Use it the way I do-with a mixed drink dress-and you’ll be the envy of all the “gem setters” at the party.

I’m forever gathering shoes. Shoes for meetings, shoes for the beach and shoes for celebrations. That’s why I’m fired up about the metallic snake-embossed sandal-a chain of jewels includes a touch of elegance, taking me perfectly from day into night.

Glamour does not begin and end with style. It extends to every aspect of life (it does for me, at least). A celebration is the best excuse to decorate, remodel or just add a few well chosen glamorous accents to your divine temple.

By using The Spiegel Signature Home Collection, you can delve into just about anything from Eastern-inspired embroidered decorative shams to a crystal chandelier with turn of the century flair.

Entertaining one’s domicile is an exceptional craft and I’ve found a new cooking guru-Donatella Arpaia, she of the well-known and often copied Bellini, David Burke & Donatella, as well as Ama restaurants in New York City. She’s my preferred authority on entertaining.

Aspects of Ama’s celebrated Italian-style amusing, such as the Essential Sauce made with pure tomatoes and extra virgin Fruttato Olive Oil, are now offered, so you can supply gourmet dining for your visitors without the first-class cost.

When the party heats up, bear your shoulders with a silk halter gown in vivid green. Use it the way I do-with a cocktail dress-and you’ll be the envy of all the “gem setters” at the party.

Shoes for conferences, shoes for the beach and shoes for parties. A party is the perfect excuse to decorate, remodel or merely add a few glam accents to your magnificent temple.

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