Why Move to Sun Valley?

Film set Sun Valley Jose Mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier continuously touts the virtues of our unique community, but just why do people move to Los Angeles and Southern California in general?

People move to Los Angeles for various reasons, as it offers a wide range of opportunities and attractions. Here are some common reasons why people choose to move to Los Angeles:

  1. Entertainment industry: Los Angeles is often referred to as the entertainment capital of the world. Many aspiring actors, musicians, directors, and artists move to LA to pursue careers in the film, television, music, and performing arts industries. The city is home to Hollywood, major production studios, record labels, and numerous opportunities for networking and career advancement.
  2. Job opportunities: Los Angeles has a diverse and thriving job market. It is a major hub for industries such as technology, fashion, finance, tourism, and healthcare. Many people relocate to LA for job prospects and the potential for career growth.
  3. Climate and lifestyle: Los Angeles boasts a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm, sunny summers. The pleasant weather and proximity to beautiful beaches, mountains, and outdoor recreational areas make it an attractive destination for those seeking an active and outdoor-oriented lifestyle.
  4. Cultural diversity: Los Angeles is a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities. People move to the city to experience its vibrant multicultural atmosphere and to immerse themselves in its rich arts, cuisine, festivals, and traditions.
  5. Education: Los Angeles is home to several prestigious universities and colleges, including the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Many students move to LA to pursue higher education and take advantage of the academic opportunities available.
  6. Networking and connections: Los Angeles offers a vast network of professionals and industry experts. Moving to the city allows individuals to connect with like-minded individuals, attend networking events, and establish valuable connections in various fields.
  7. Lifestyle and entertainment options: Los Angeles offers a wide array of recreational activities, including world-class restaurants, shopping districts, nightlife, museums, art galleries, sports events, and music festivals. The city’s vibrant and diverse entertainment scene provides residents with ample opportunities for leisure and entertainment.

It’s important to note that while Los Angeles has numerous advantages, it also has its share of challenges, such as high living costs, traffic congestion, and intense competition in certain industries. However, for many people, the allure of the city’s opportunities and unique lifestyle outweighs these drawbacks.

Entertainment Industry Pursuits Near Sun Valley

Film set Sun Valley Jose Mier
Film set Sun Valley Jose Mier

Breaking into the movie industry can be highly competitive and challenging, but there are several avenues that individuals often pursue to increase their chances of success. Here are some common approaches:

  1. Education and training: Many aspiring filmmakers and actors choose to pursue formal education and training in film, acting, or related fields. Attending film schools, acting classes, or workshops can provide valuable knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities.
  2. Networking: Building connections and relationships within the industry is crucial. Attending industry events, film festivals, and networking mixers can help aspiring professionals meet established industry figures, fellow filmmakers, and potential collaborators.
  3. Internships and entry-level positions: Gaining practical experience through internships, apprenticeships, or entry-level positions at production companies, studios, or talent agencies can provide valuable industry exposure and opportunities to learn from experienced professionals.
  4. Independent projects: Many aspiring filmmakers and actors create their own independent films, short films, web series, or theater productions. This allows them to showcase their talents, build a portfolio, and gain recognition.
  5. Online platforms: With the rise of digital platforms, aspiring filmmakers and actors can showcase their work and gain exposure through platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or social media. Building a strong online presence and creating a following can attract the attention of industry professionals.
  6. Talent agencies and casting directors: Actors often seek representation from talent agencies that can help them secure auditions and roles. Submitting headshots, attending casting calls, and auditioning for various projects are common steps in pursuing acting careers.
  7. Persistence and perseverance: Breaking into the movie industry can be a challenging and lengthy process. It requires persistence, dedication, and the ability to handle rejection. Many successful individuals in the industry have faced numerous setbacks but remained determined to achieve their goals.

It’s important to note that the path to success in the movie industry can vary greatly, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different individuals may find success through different avenues, and personal circumstances, talents, and goals can also play a role in shaping one’s path. Building a strong portfolio, continually honing skills, and staying up-to-date with industry trends are all important factors in increasing the chances of breaking into the movie industry.

No matter the challenges, being here in the L.A. area is a good first step and finding a good place to call home is paramount (pun intended). We at Sun Valley Jose Mier thing you should always put Sun Valley, CA on your list of potential living areas.



SoCal’s Varied Architecture

SoCal modern house Sun Valley Jose Mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier Explores

Sun Valley Jose Mier takes our community seriously Southern California has a mild and sunny climate that is well-suited for indoor-outdoor living, and as such, many styles of homes can be a good fit for the region. However, some styles tend to be more popular and well-suited to the California lifestyle and environment than others. Here are a few styles that are commonly found in Southern California:

SoCal modern house Sun Valley Jose Mier
SoCal modern house Sun Valley Jose Mier

1. Spanish Colonial Revival: This style is popular in California, especially in the southern regions, and is characterized by stucco walls, red tile roofs, and ornate ironwork. The style has a timeless appeal and blends well with the region’s natural surroundings.
2. Mid-Century Modern: This style emerged in the post-World War II era and is characterized by clean lines, large windows, and open floor plans. This style is ideal for the region’s mild climate and indoor-outdoor lifestyle.
3. Craftsman: This style is characterized by its emphasis on handcrafted details, natural materials, and simple, elegant design. It works well in Southern California’s natural landscape and is often seen in historic neighborhoods.
4. Ranch: This style is popular in Southern California and is characterized by its one-story, low profile, and wide-open floor plans. It is a good fit for the region’s mild climate and casual lifestyle.
Ultimately, the best style of home for Southern California depends on your personal taste, lifestyle, and needs. It’s always a good idea to work with a local real estate agent or designer who is familiar with the region’s architecture and can help you find a home that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Spanish Colonial Revival

Spanish Colonial Revival architecture is a style that emerged in the United States in the early 20th century, inspired by the architecture of the Spanish colonies in the Americas, particularly in California and Florida. This style was popularized in the early 1900s, in the wake of the Panama-California Exposition held in San Diego in 1915.

Spanish Colonial Revival architecture is characterized by a number of distinctive features, including:

1. Stucco walls: The exterior walls are typically finished with stucco, a plaster-like material made from cement, sand, and water. The stucco is often painted white, giving the buildings a clean, bright appearance.
2. Red tile roofs: The roofs are typically covered in red tiles, which add a pop of color and provide insulation from the sun.
3. Arches and arcades: Arches are a prominent feature of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, appearing in windows, doorways, and arcades. They are often rounded and sometimes decorated with intricate patterns.
4. Ornate ironwork: Ironwork is a common decorative element in Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, appearing in balconies, railings, and gates. The designs often feature intricate scrollwork and geometric patterns.
5. Courtyards and patios: Courtyards and patios are a key feature of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, reflecting the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the Spanish colonies. They often feature fountains, gardens, and shaded seating areas.
6. Towers and bell towers: Towers and bell towers are sometimes incorporated into Spanish Colonial Revival buildings, adding verticality and a sense of grandeur.
Spanish Colonial Revival architecture was popular in California and Florida in the early 20th century, but it has since spread to other parts of the United States and beyond. Today, it is a popular style for homes, hotels, and public buildings, and it continues to be associated with the romantic, sun-drenched atmosphere of the American Southwest.

Mid Century Modern Architecture

Mid-century modern architecture is a style that emerged in the United States in the mid-20th century, roughly between the 1930s and 1960s. It is characterized by its clean lines, simplicity, and focus on functionality, as well as its use of new materials and technologies.

Some of the key features of mid-century modern architecture include:

1. Clean, simple lines: Mid-century modern buildings often have clean, uncluttered lines and simple, geometric shapes.
2. Use of new materials: Mid-century modern architects made use of new materials, such as steel, glass, and concrete, which allowed for greater flexibility and innovation in design.
3. Large windows: Many mid-century modern buildings have large windows, often in floor-to-ceiling configurations, which allow for abundant natural light and a strong connection to the outdoors.
4. Open floor plans: Mid-century modern homes often feature open floor plans that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.
5. Integration with nature: Many mid-century modern buildings are designed to take advantage of their natural surroundings, with features such as indoor-outdoor living spaces and expansive views.
6. Use of color: Mid-century modern architects often used bold, bright colors to accentuate the building’s design and highlight key features.
7. Innovative use of space: Mid-century modern architects were known for their innovative use of space, often incorporating multi-functional areas and storage solutions into their designs.
Some of the most famous mid-century modern architects include Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen. Mid-century modern architecture continues to be popular today, with many homeowners and designers embracing its clean, timeless aesthetic and focus on functionality.

Sun Valley is home to many different styles but we tend to lean toward the more traditional, Spanish Colonial revival.

Sun Valley Travel Access: JetBlue

JetBlue aircraft near Sun Valley, CA by Jose Mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier Elaborates on Low Cost Airline

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting in various aspects of living in this part of The San Fernando Valley. One of those and perhaps the most prominent is our proximity to the Burbank airport. Several airlines fly into and out of this airport including JetBlue. Thought We would take some time going to a little detail about this low-cost but highly rated airline.

JetBlue aircraft near Sun Valley, CA by Jose Mier
JetBlue aircraft near Sun Valley, CA by Jose Mier

JetBlue Airways is a well-known American low-cost airline founded in 1998 with the goal of providing travelers with affordable flights while also ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. Headquartered in Long Island City, New York, JetBlue operates more than 1,000 daily flights to over 100 destinations across the Americas, including the Caribbean and South America. The airline is known for its unique features and excellent customer service, making it a popular choice for both leisure and business travelers.

JetBlue has a fleet of over 250 aircraft, including Airbus A320 and A321 planes, and Embraer E190 planes. The airline’s planes are known for their spacious legroom, which is one of the largest in the industry. In addition, all of JetBlue’s planes come equipped with personal TVs, allowing passengers to watch live TV, movies, or play games during their flights. JetBlue’s in-flight Wi-Fi also allows passengers to stay connected to the internet while flying, making it easy for them to work or stay in touch with friends and family.

One of the standout features of JetBlue is its excellent customer service. The airline has won numerous awards for its customer service over the years, including the JD Power Award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Low Cost Carriers in North America” for 12 years in a row. JetBlue’s customer service agents are known for being friendly, helpful, and accommodating, which has helped the airline build a loyal customer base.

JetBlue also offers a variety of travel perks and rewards programs to its passengers. For example, the airline’s TrueBlue loyalty program allows passengers to earn points for every flight they take, which can then be redeemed for free flights, upgrades, or other travel perks. Additionally, JetBlue’s Mosaic program offers benefits like priority boarding, free checked bags, and waived change and cancellation fees for frequent flyers.

Another key aspect of JetBlue’s service is its commitment to sustainability. The airline has implemented a variety of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including using sustainable aviation fuel and investing in more fuel-efficient planes. JetBlue has also worked to reduce waste on its flights by eliminating single-use plastics and recycling as much as possible.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, JetBlue has also been recognized for its efforts to support the communities it serves. The airline has partnered with a variety of non-profit organizations to provide aid and support to those in need, including providing flights for disaster relief efforts and supporting education and job training programs in underserved communities.

Overall, JetBlue Airways is a highly regarded low-cost airline that has built a strong reputation for its excellent customer service, spacious planes, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. With its extensive route network and affordable fares, JetBlue is a popular choice for travelers looking for a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience without breaking the bank.

Sun Valley’s Own Airport

Sun Valley Jose Mier image of jet at Burbank Airport

Sun Valley Jose Mier On Our Close Neighbor

Good Old (Literally) Burbank Airport

We at Sun Valley Jose Mier always promote tourism to our community and that includes arrival by air. What do you know about our own little airport?

The Hollywood Burbank Airport, previously known as the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, is located in Burbank, California, USA. The airport has a rich history dating back to the 1920s when it was originally known as United Airport.

Sun Valley Jose Mier image of jet at Burbank Airport
Sun Valley Jose Mier image of jet at Burbank Airport

In 1930, the airport was renamed the Union Air Terminal and became the main airport for the Los Angeles area. During World War II, the airport was used by the United States Army Air Forces as a training facility and was later returned to civilian use in 1946.

In 1961, the airport was renamed the Hollywood-Burbank Airport, and in 1978 it was renamed again to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport to reflect the joint ownership of the airport by these three cities.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the airport experienced significant growth and underwent numerous renovations and expansions. In 2003, the airport was once again renamed the Bob Hope Airport in honor of the famous comedian and longtime Burbank resident.

In 2017, the airport was renamed back to its original name, the Hollywood Burbank Airport, as part of a rebranding effort aimed at attracting more passengers and improving the airport’s image. Today, the airport serves millions of passengers each year and is a popular alternative to the larger and more congested Los Angeles International Airport.

According to data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in 2019, Southern California airports (including Los Angeles International Airport, John Wayne Airport, Long Beach Airport, Ontario International Airport, and others) collectively served approximately 123.6 million passengers. However, it is important to note that these figures are pre-pandemic and may have been affected by changes in travel patterns due to COVID-19.

The most popular airport in Southern California is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It is the largest and busiest airport in the region and serves as a major international gateway to the United States. Other popular airports in Southern California include John Wayne Airport (SNA), located in Orange County, and San Diego International Airport (SAN).

Sun Valley Jose Mier Says SoCal Great for Foliage

Anza Borrego foliage near Sun Valley - Jose Mier

Heavy California Rains Create Massive Wildflower Displays

We at Sun Valley Jose Mier have been inundated with rainfall this year and as a result we’re about to see an explosion of wildflowers and other vegetation here in the Sun Valley, CA area. If you’re visiting us, now is the time to see these once-in-a-generation sights.

California is home to a rich diversity of native plant species that have adapted to its unique climate and geography. Here are some examples of native California plants:

1. California poppy: the bright orange flowers of this plant are a common sight in California’s fields and hillsides.
2. Coast live oak: a majestic tree that can live for hundreds of years, the coast live oak is an important part of California’s ecosystem.
3. Redwood: towering redwood trees are one of California’s most iconic features, and are found primarily in the northern part of the state.
4. Manzanita: with its distinctive smooth, red bark and small, pinkish-white flowers, manzanita is a common shrub in California.
5. Toyon: also known as California holly, toyon is a shrub or small tree with red berries that are a favorite food of many birds.
6. Western azalea: this deciduous shrub produces showy pink or white flowers in the spring and is native to the coastal regions of California.
7. California sagebrush: a woody shrub with aromatic leaves, California sagebrush is an important source of food and shelter for many animals.
8. California buckeye: a small tree with distinctive palmate leaves and showy white or pink flowers, the California buckeye is a common sight in many parts of the state.
9. Bigleaf maple: found primarily in the northern part of California, the bigleaf maple is a large tree with distinctive large leaves that turn golden in the fall.
10. Yucca: with its spiky leaves and tall, white flowers, yucca is a common sight in California’s desert regions.

Southern California is known for its beautiful wildflowers that bloom in the springtime. Here are some places where you can see wildflowers in Southern California:

1. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: This park is known for its stunning display of wildflowers, including desert lilies, sand verbena, and desert sunflowers. The best time to see the wildflowers here is from late February to early April.

2. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve: Located in Lancaster, this reserve is home to a vast expanse of bright orange poppies that bloom from mid-March to early May.

3. Joshua Tree National Park: This park is known for its unique landscape and Joshua trees, but it also has a variety of wildflowers that bloom in the springtime, including desert marigolds and Mojave asters.

4. Chino Hills State Park: This park is located in the hills between Los Angeles and Orange County and has a variety of wildflowers, including California poppies and lupines.

5. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve: This reserve is located in La Jolla and has a variety of wildflowers that bloom from late winter to early spring, including California poppies and wild hyacinth.

Remember to check with the park or reserve before visiting to make sure that wildflowers are in bloom and to find out about any restrictions or fees.

If we were to single out one location not too far from Sun Valley it would be Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Anza Borrego foliage near Sun Valley - Jose Mier
Anza Borrego foliage near Sun Valley Jose Mier

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is a California state park located in the eastern part of San Diego County. It is the largest state park in California, covering over 600,000 acres, and is known for its stunning desert landscapes, wildflowers, and unique geological formations.

The park features a variety of terrain, including badlands, canyons, palm oases, and the Carrizo Badlands, which are home to a wide variety of desert flora and fauna. Visitors can hike, bike, and drive through the park’s many trails and roads, with popular destinations including Font’s Point, the Pumpkin Patch, and the Slot Canyon.

The park is also home to numerous cultural and historical sites, including ancient Native American rock art, historic stagecoach routes, and abandoned gold mines. The visitor center offers exhibits and educational programs about the park’s natural and cultural history.

Anza-Borrego is also recognized as an International Dark Sky Park, making it an ideal location for stargazing and astronomy enthusiasts.

Overall, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is a must-see destination for anyone interested in exploring California’s diverse natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. When visiting us in Sun Valley, take advantage of the beauty Southern California has to offer, especially now!

Sun Valley: Tourist Haven

Lake Hollywood Park website image

Sun Valley Jose Mier Tours Lake Hollywood Park

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting tourism in Southern California and especially in our own community of Sun Valley California. Many is the time we have written about Southern California attractions closest to our community, from a 45 minute trip down interstate five do Anaheim and Disneyland or a five minute trip to the Theodore Payne foundation within our own City borders. However, the majority of visitors to the Los Angeles area are in search of the most famous and iconic landmarks that the state has to offer. Without question, one of those is the Hollywood sign.

Lake Hollywood Park website image
Lake Hollywood Park: close to Sun Valley, CA

Most visitors to Southern California end up taking a faraway photo of the Hollywood sign as they travel down Hollywood Boulevard, perhaps on one of the famous Hollywood Tours that take visitors around the city. Some may end up on horseback at the Sunset Ranch and come very close to the sign. But most people don’t know that one of the best and most spectacular views of this Hollywood icon can be seen from Lake Hollywood Park. The reason not many people know about this because it’s hidden in the mist of the Residential neighborhood and the way to get there this rather circuitous. That’s why we’re adding a map with directions from Sun Valley to Lake Hollywood Park here in this article.

You can read more about it on the Los Angeles Parks website. The address is 3160 Canyon Lake Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068. For those that are interested it is in Council District for and it is in the central neighborhood service area. If you wish to call for more information the number is 818 243– 1145. Actually is a park and it is open seven days a week Monday through Sunday, sunrise to Sunset.

If you want to make a lunch date out of it, you can take the Picnic basket and have lunch while gazing at the Hollywood sign just over your heads in the Hollywood hills. There are picnic tables and an area for children to play. To get there from Sun Valley you need only take Glenoaks Blvd. to Hollywood way southbound until you can go no further. The iconic water Tower of Warner Bros. Studios will be in front of you as you make a right turn onto Olive Avenue. This will merge into Barham Blvd.and you will take this of the hill to the crest and turn left onto Lake Hollywood drive. For more details on getting to Lake Hollywood Park follow the directions in the map below.

This famous landmark is so impressive when viewed up close and Lake Hollywood Park is among the closest places to view the Hollywood sign. It’s also quiet and relaxing because not many people know about it. It’s great to make a early morning trip as well since the sun we’ll be Shining directly on the Hollywood sign as it rises– The sun, not the sign.

This is yet one more reason to make Sun Valley your tourist destination Southern California. Take it from us in Sun Valley Jose Mier.

Recent Industrial Fire in Sun Valley

Randall Street in Sun Valley Jose Mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier Reports

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting our community and most the time that it involves listing places of interest some Interesting restaurants and things to do for visitors to Southern California. However, recently– November 30 to be exact—one of industrial sections of Sun Valley was the site of the major fire. The Fire occurred around 4 AM and was located at 10900 block of Randall street. Firefighters were involved in putting out glaze but not until after the entire roof of the building located their collapsed.

Randall Street in Sun Valley Jose Mier
Randall Street in Sun Valley Jose Mier

This area of Randall Street is it cul-de-sac which abuts Sunland Boulevard where it crosses Sunland Park Drive. This particular intersection forms a border between a residential area in the industrial area fire was located. Some of the businesses located in that area to include Comp Tech Auto Repair, precision trailer hitches and welding, Best jumpers party store and CMC party rentals. Luckily the fire did not spread too the Adjacent buildings order to the residential neighborhood across the street.

This does bring up the subject fire safety preparedness in Sun Valley’s industrial sectors. Because of business like precision trailer hitches and welding is by definition going to House many combustible substances, it’s incumbent on all the Businesses in this area to make sure they take extra steps to keep their business as well as those surrounding them safe from fire explosion. In this case damages contained to single building but fighting the fire is made more difficult because of all the trailers and trucks parked in the lot next to the building. These prevented firefighters from more efficiently knocking down the blaze.

Extra care always has to be taken especially in those industrial areas that are close to residential neighborhoods. In this case Randall Street is three close to the historic Stonehurst neighborhood which contains several Century old houses, some of which are on the National register of historic places.

Fortunately Sun Valley José Meyer can report that there were no injuries during this fire nor were any other structures destroyed which is a relief for all involved. Also, the fact that fire happened so early in the morning instead he we’re not at work time which may have also contributed to the absence of any injuries or deaths. You can view a news report by Fox LA on this page.

Metal Recycling in Sun Valley

Los Angeles Metal Recycling company website

Our Neighbors at TM Scrap Metals

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting every aspect of our community and that includes prominent businesses within the borders of Sun Valley California. Has anyone from power the woods will tell you, Sun Valley it Is not just a bedroom community, we have our own industrial section of town. This includes businesses such as junkyards, manufacturing and metal recycling.

Having a dedicated area in which to situate industrial businesses means that the often dirty jobs such as recycling metals for creating cement don’t impact other residential areas. And unless you really have a need to visit one of these businesses, most people even in Sun Valley don’t know they exist. That’s a shame and that’s why we hear want to emphasize some of our industrial neighbors.

Los Angeles Metal Recycling company website
Los Angeles Metal Recycling company website

One of the businesses– Located on Tuxford Street—is TM scrap metals. Now the average citizen usually recycles a few pounds of aluminum cans or plastic bottles in a year but there’s a tremendous need for literally tons of scrap metals. Using aluminum as an example you can see how avoiding throwing your old cans into the trash saves them from being put into a landfill and Taking up space. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand landfills are a finite quantity and that the less we put into them the longer we can use them. That’s where the metal recycling facility like TM scrap metals comes into play. Just about any nonferrous metal could be recycled, reused and turned into something brand-new. Yes they will take your bag of aluminum cans and pay You the going rate, but if you’re a larger business— Say a construction firm–that ends up with a lot of excess metals following the construction of the building, it make sense to take those hundred pounds of unusable, but valuable scrap metal to recycling center.

It’s a triple win because the person or company bringing scrap metal to the recycling center gets rid of all that scrap and also gets paid for it. For companies like construction businesses that adds to their bottom line. It’s a win for the recycling center because they get their supply of third-party metals that they can in turn sell and it’s a win for the community and the environment. All those tons of Metal are Turned into something new and they stay out of our landfills.

So, whether you’re a once in a while scrapper who brings their leftover soda cans intro chunk of change, or larger business that needs to get rid of hundreds or thousands of pounds of scrap metal and you’re located anywhere San Fernando Valley, We recommend our friends at TM scrap metals right here in Sun Valley.

Farming In Sun Valley?

N. Hollywood High website image Sun Valley Jose Mier

North Hollywood Neighbors Include Future Farmers

Sun Valley Jose Mier represents all that is good that attractive about our Community of Sun Valley California. Wife just about every other community Southern California we enjoy good weather almost year-round and are close to all that Los Angeles and its environs have to offer from culture to food and to recreation. Recently we took a look at clubs at Sun Valley high school, specifically the cyber patriots.

However, Sun Valley is intricately tied to our neighbor community of North Hollywood indeed in some instances the boundaries between North Hollywood and Sun Valley seem to disappear altogether. We are fortunate that North Hollywood has reinvented itself as a media capital with its own unique arts District.

N. Hollywood High website image Sun Valley Jose Mier
N. Hollywood High website image Sun Valley Jose Mier

But like Sun Valley North Hollywood has its own high school, North Hollywood high school, in like Sun Valley offers a myriad of clubs the students can join. Looking over the list of clubs we Find one that stands out: future farmers of America. It’s not such a stretch that we would have Youth in our own community were interested in agriculture and farming. Not all that long ago San Fernando Valley primarily agricultural, hosting vineyards, Citrus groves and more. Remnants of our agricultural house still exist, especially neighborhoods like Stonehurst here in Sun Valley or in shadow Valley where most of the acreages devoted to livestock, especially horses.

So here at Sun Valley Jose Mier we are more than a little proud of our neighbors in North Hollywood you have chosen to dedicate themselves to and often underappreciated career which is farming. Indeed, despite attention to The tech sector in recent decades we Tend to forget that we would be nowhere without something to eat. The necessity for a new generation of farmers absolute. Whether working on the small family farm or a large agribusiness farm we continually need people education allows them our nation and indeed the whole world fed. Kudos to North Hollywood high school and their future farmers of America Club.

If you or your children are interested in learning more about future farmers of America and getting into agriculture as a hobby or career you can check out this website. If you live in Sun Valley and want your kids to pursue this type of work then investigating Hollywood high school would be in order.

Sun Valley High’s Cyberpatriots

Exploring Our Youth’s Extracurricular Activities

If you’re a Sun Valley Jose Mier reader you know that we touch on a variety of subjects from cooking the politics to freeway construction on any given day our writers need choose one of thousands of subjects that are of interest to or impact residents of Sun Valley California. We haven’t touched on education for some time and so, I’m taking a look at our educational institutions, we looked over at the Sun Valley high school website.

Now, any student or parent Will tell you that the sun Valley high school teams are the Wildcats. High school sports are always popular and many of our students engage In sporting activities. But if you look a little deeper at the Sun Valley high school website you’ll find some of the extracurricular activities that students engage in. Please include groups like the debate club for leadership, but there’s one Group stands out because it’s quite different from the rest. That’s the AFA CyberPatriots. Unless you’re a member of this group you might not have heard of it before. We certainly did not prompted us to do Little more research. The AFA stands for the Air Force association in Cyber patriots are those who choose to learn and apply methods and techniques of cyber security. It used to be enough just to learn how to use a computer, especially when they were becoming popular in the late 70s or early 80s. Now with the advent of the Internet the myriad activities take place online it’s vital that we as a nation address cyber security.

Cyberpatriot website screenshot from Sun Valley Jose Mier
Cyberpatriot website screenshot from Sun Valley Jose Mier

The cyber patriot website gives its own definition of just what the cyber patriot is:

What Is CyberPatriot?

CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air & Space Forces Association to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future. At the core of the program is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, the nation’s largest cyber defense competition that puts high school and middle school students in charge of securing virtual networks. Other programs include AFA CyberCamps, an elementary school cyber education initiative, a children’s literature series, CyberGenerations –a senior citizen cyber safety initiative, and a Tech Caregivers program designed to encourage cyber-savvy volunteers to give back to their communities.

Given that our country as vulnerable to cyber attack, the results of which could be devastating can result in the shutdown of just about everything we rely on from electricity to fuel to Food, having the team of cyber security experts it’s Not just a good idea it’s vital. That’s why we here at Sun Valley Jose Mier appluad the students in our own community are taking it upon themselves to learn how to address cyber security and take it with them into college and their careers beyond. We think this is an excellent extracurricular program and are extremely proud that our old high school in our community is part of this effort to electronically protect our country.