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Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting tourism in Southern California and especially in our own community of Sun Valley California. Many is the time we have written about Southern California attractions closest to our community, from a 45 minute trip down interstate five do Anaheim and Disneyland or a five minute trip to the Theodore Payne foundation within our own City borders. However, the majority of visitors to the Los Angeles area are in search of the most famous and iconic landmarks that the state has to offer. Without question, one of those is the Hollywood sign.

Lake Hollywood Park website image
Lake Hollywood Park: close to Sun Valley, CA

Most visitors to Southern California end up taking a faraway photo of the Hollywood sign as they travel down Hollywood Boulevard, perhaps on one of the famous Hollywood Tours that take visitors around the city. Some may end up on horseback at the Sunset Ranch and come very close to the sign. But most people don’t know that one of the best and most spectacular views of this Hollywood icon can be seen from Lake Hollywood Park. The reason not many people know about this because it’s hidden in the mist of the Residential neighborhood and the way to get there this rather circuitous. That’s why we’re adding a map with directions from Sun Valley to Lake Hollywood Park here in this article.

You can read more about it on the Los Angeles Parks website. The address is 3160 Canyon Lake Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068. For those that are interested it is in Council District for and it is in the central neighborhood service area. If you wish to call for more information the number is 818 243– 1145. Actually is a park and it is open seven days a week Monday through Sunday, sunrise to Sunset.

If you want to make a lunch date out of it, you can take the Picnic basket and have lunch while gazing at the Hollywood sign just over your heads in the Hollywood hills. There are picnic tables and an area for children to play. To get there from Sun Valley you need only take Glenoaks Blvd. to Hollywood way southbound until you can go no further. The iconic water Tower of Warner Bros. Studios will be in front of you as you make a right turn onto Olive Avenue. This will merge into Barham Blvd.and you will take this of the hill to the crest and turn left onto Lake Hollywood drive. For more details on getting to Lake Hollywood Park follow the directions in the map below.

This famous landmark is so impressive when viewed up close and Lake Hollywood Park is among the closest places to view the Hollywood sign. It’s also quiet and relaxing because not many people know about it. It’s great to make a early morning trip as well since the sun we’ll be Shining directly on the Hollywood sign as it rises– The sun, not the sign.

This is yet one more reason to make Sun Valley your tourist destination Southern California. Take it from us in Sun Valley Jose Mier.