Sun Valley Jose Mier Recommends Newsbreak App

newsbreak app page sun valley jose mier

Local Info At Our Fingertips


Sun Valley Jose Mier is always on the lookout for news related to our community can we scour the Internet the things of interest to Sun Valley residents. If you haven’t heard of the Newsbreak app, this is an app for your mobile device that will you give you targeted news and information for your local community. In our case that’s Sun Valley, California. If something of interest to us it is important, a news aggregator like Newsbreak will serve up the information to us in a neat list. News that does not concern our part of greater Los Angeles will not be part of the mix.

newsbreak app page sun valley jose mier
Newsbreak app page, recommended by Sun Valley Jose Mier

Newsbreak also has a website that basically serves the same function. Case in point: you want to know about coronavirus in the Sun Valley area and how it affects you. Newsbreak will serve up all the stories related to COVID-19 in an easily digestible format when you can easily pick and choose which article is of most interest to you

It’s nice to see an app that targets specific areas of greater Los Angeles with granularity. Oftentimes we at Sun Valley Jose Mier feel that our community gets overlooked. We tend to be lumped in with every other place in the San Fernando Valley, but residents here know that Sun Valley has its own unique identity. The things that are important to us may or or may not be important to those who live in North Hollywood or Burbank. Because we tend to be overlooked, unless a story concerns Sun Valley specifically it’s sometimes difficult to find information relevant to us specifically. That’s why we are so pleased to have happened upon the Newsbreak app and want to share this tool with the rest of our community.

If you want to have newsbreak at your fingertips it’s easy to install the application on your smart phone or tablet. It’s available on both Apple’s app store and Google Play. Simply download it to your phone and install. Once there you’ll have access to all the Sun Valley information but you could want.