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What People Think of Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier has always promoted the most positive aspects of our community, and we really do think that Sun Valley has a lot to offer. But ours is just one opinion among many. Unless you live in Sun Valley and can ask one of your neighbors, how can you determine what residents really feel about our city?

Enter is a website devoted to insight and opinions about communities throughout the United States and we’re fortunate that many people have offered their own opinions of Sun Valley. If you check out their website you’ll see several reviews about our town, most of which are positive with many residents giving Sun Valley four or five stars. reviews sun valley jose mier reviews sun valley jose mier

Of course with any site that is filled with reviews you will have positive as well as negative reviews. In fact people are more likely to leave a negative review about something than a positive one even if they are satisfied with a service, place, etc. Some of the reviews complain about our homeless problem. This is an unfortunate aspect of life in Sun Valley, but it’s not limited to our community. All of Los Angeles County has seen an uptick in homelessness over the past couple years. However, the positive reviews about Sun Valley are heartwarming. Especially when people talk about how they can communicate with their neighbors and how everybody helps everyone else. That’s exactly the type of spirit that we are talking about when we promote the positive aspects of Sun Valley.

For those who are considering moving to Sun Valley, would be hey good website to visit to get an idea of what our own residence think of our community.