Keeping Sun Valley Healthy

pacifica hospital sun valley website

Pacifica Hospital of the Valley Located Here

One of the most important aspects of life anywhere is health. Staying healthy and having access to emergency services can be critical. That’s why we are fortunate in Sun Valley to have our own hospital: Pacifica Hospital of the Valley, located on San Fernando Rd.

pacifica hospital sun valley website
Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes Pacifica Hosital of the Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier, as you know, continuously promotes the positive aspects of Sun Valley, California and one of these is our own local hospital. Having access to a hospital within our borders means our residents do not have to travel far for routine or emergency health care.

The hospital provides a variety of services in addition to emergency treatment including inpatient and outpatient treatments, telemedicine and care for those who have coronavirus. Like many hospitals in California during our bout with this pandemic, visitors unfortunately are not allowed. This can be heartbreaking for families who have a relative stricken by COVID-19, but it’s something we have to live with for better or worse right now.

The availability of medical services in a community is one of the primary concerns of anyone living in the community or wishing to move to that community. For those who are thinking of relocating to our city the fact that we have world-class medical care as well as so many other amenities and recreational opportunities should put Sun Valley at or near the top of any list.

One of the reasons Sun Valley Jose Mier established this website was to make known all the features and attractions of Oour city which for too long have been overlooked by most of greater Los Angeles. We have felt that Sun Valley has gotten short shrift for far too long and it’s our purpose to publicize the tremendously positive facets of our city. The fact that we have access to medical care in Pacifica Hospital of the Valley should make Sun Valley rate that much higher than our sister cities of the San Fernando Valley. We are proud to have Pacific Hospital as a valued member of our community.