Safety in Sun Valley

Closest Police Station in Neighboring Pacoima

When it comes to safety in Sun Valley, we at Sun Valley Jose Mier, like all our neighbors rely on the Los Angeles Police Department to keep our community safe. The closest LAPD station is the Foothill Division station located at 12760 Osborne St. in Pacoima, just outside the borders of Sun Valley.

The LAPD Foothill Division web page contains a wealth of information that can be utilized to make Sun Valley even safer. We, as residents, can’t just take it for granted that the police will take care of everything. Safety takes the efforts of everyone, not just law enforcement and using the LAPD website can give you additional information and resources to help law enforcement do their job better.

One tool which we find helpful is the Crime Mapping website. This website allows you to see what crimes have been committed in the area such as theft, grand theft, burglaries, etc. You can also sign up to receive alerts through this website. Should a pattern of crime develop in a certain area, you’ll be aware of it and be able to take precautions.


sun valley ca crime map website
sun valley ca crime map website

Having the division located close to Sun Valley also means that response times for police calls should be shorter. Still, it’s better to be able to anticipate and prevent crimes than to worry about response times when one does occur. We urge all Sun Valleyites to familiarize themselves with the police website and take advantage of the tools it has to offer.