Sun Valley Jose Mier With a Trip to Pasadena

rose bowl sun valley jose mier

Our Sister City is Only 15 Minutes Away


Just about everybody in the United States knows about Pasadena. One of its major claims to fame is the annual Rose Parade which takes place on New Year’s Day. Of course things are a little different this year due to the coronavirus but millions of people tune in every year to watch the parade on TV.

rose bowl sun valley jose mier
rose bowl sun valley jose mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier wants to take a moment to highlight our sister city of Pasadena which is only a 15 minute drive from Sun Valley. In addition to the Rose Parade, football fans know that New Year’s Day is also the day for the Rose Bowl where top college football teams compete for this title. There’s much more to Pasadena, though. Old Town Pasadena is full of great turn-of-the-century architecture, housing restaurants and shops. The drive around downtown Pasadena reveals a lot of history of this city and it’s fun just to look at all the old buildings.

Pasadena is also home to the Norton Simon Museum which has a great collection of art ranging from the old masters to modern and abstract pieces. Whatever you’re looking for, Pasadena is a great place to lose yourself for a few hours and explore. And getting there? It couldn’t be easier. Again that’s another reason we say Sun Valley is a fantastic location. From Sun Valley take the 5 freeway south to the 134 freeway east. Take that a few miles to Pasadena. The 134 turns into the 210 freeway at Pasadena but there are no freeway changes to negotiate. Take the Colorado Street exit and you’re right there in Old Pasadena.

Hey, by the way, did you know that the Pasadena City Hall served as Gotham City Hall in the old Batman TV show? See, there’s a ton of history to Pasadena and it’s SO close to Sun Valley!