Sun Valley, CA City Council Member: Paul Krekorian

A Bit of History on Councilman’s Website

If you didn’t know, our council member (Sun Valley is part of Los Angeles, right?) is Paul Krekorian. The areas he administers include Sun Valley, (of course) but also Valley Glen, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Studio City and North Hollywood.

All the things overseen by the Los Angeles City Council in our area are in Mr. Krekorian’s bailiwick. So, if you were unfamiliar with who our particular council member is, no you know. You can visit his website here.

One item of interest when you do visit the site is a bit of Sun Valley history. As the website states, back in the 1800s Sun Valley was known as Roberts. Apparently this was the only store in the area and lent its name to the location. Also, Sun Valley was home to many Lockheed Martin operations during World War Two. The remnants of Lockheed’s operations were in existence until the 1990s (even though defunct) but they were a testament to how our little part of greater LA played a part in the defeat of Nazism.

Sun Valley borders the Burbank Airport which was the site of much of Lockheed’s work during those years and, being so close to Burbank, Sun Valley lent its land in support of the war effort.

All this is something most Sun Valley residents may not know, but if you live here (and why wouldn’t you want to?) you should know a little bit about how our town came into being and what’s been happening here over the years. Even our little hidden gem of a community has a storied past. Just one more thing that makes Sun Valley special.

Thanks, Paul Krekorian for helping to promote what we at Sun Valley Jose Mier think is a small piece of heaven in Southern California.