Pet Health in Sun Valley

shadow hills pet clinic sun valley ca

Sun Valley Jose Mier Reports on Vet Clinic

During this whole coronavirus madness one thing may get overlooked and that is our pets’ health. Of course if you have a pet you’re going to be concerned about its health no matter what, but we haven’t seen a lot of reporting on what the coronavirus is doing to our pets so we of Sun Valley Jose Mier thought it would be a good idea to do so and promote one of our Sun Valley businesses at same time.

If you live in Sun Valley and have a pet you may have your favorite veterinarian, but if not we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to the Shadow Hills Pet Clinic which is located at 11814 Sheldon St. If you’re familiar with the area and you know it’s in the Stonehurst neighborhood and really it’s a stone’s throw away from East Valley Feed and Tack.

shadow hills pet clinic sun valley ca
Sun Valley Jose Mier welcomes Shadow Hills Pet Clinic

Just like people doctors and dentists the veterinarians at Shadow Hills Pet Clinic are taking precautions with respect to COVID-19 and when you make an appointment you’ll show up at the appointed time and stay in your car, with your pet of course, until your called into the office. For better or worse this is how things are being done until the coronavirus receives or disappears which we all pray is very soon.

Animals, just like humans, have their own ailments and of course as they get older they naturally may need their own medications and treatments so it’s good to identify a local Sun Valley veterinarian to help keep your pet healthy. While we at Sun Valley Jose Mier are not biased toward any particular this or veterinarian we do like the Shadow Hills Pet Clinic and just want to inform our neighbors about its existence.