Sun Valley Jose Mier Goes to San Juan Capistrano

san juan capistrano sun valley jose mier day trip

Another Great Day Trip From Sun Valley


Sun Valley Jose Mier has posted other day trips which are easily done starting from Sun Valley and here’s one more: San Juan Capistrano. While George Washington and the founding fathers were busy declaring independence from Britain in 1776, on the other side of the continent Junipero Serra was founding the mission of San Juan Capistrano here in California.

san juan capistrano sun valley jose mier day trip
san juan capistrano sun valley jose mier day trip

The Spanish expedition which came from Mexico into California in 1769 included father Serra who is responsible for founding the mission system we have here in California. San Juan Capistrano is one of those missions. The mission system is very famous and draws a lot of tourists each year, but San Juan Capistrano is probably the most famous. It’s been featured in songs, movies and TV shows especially because swallows return to the mission on a specific date every year, St. Joseph’s day, which is March 19. If you’re unfamiliar with the legend of the swallows you can find out more about it on the mission’s website. You can also find out more about the city of San Juan Capistrano on the city website.

If you’re visiting Southern California and staying in Sun Valley it’s an incredibly easy trip, like just about every other trip we profile on Sun Valley Jose Mier. If you’ve never been to the mission it needs to be one of the trips you make when you visit Southern California. You can stroll around the beautifully-manicured grounds and take in over 240 years of history. When you’re there you feel like you’re in a place out of time, as if you’ve been transported to the 18th century. And it only takes an hour to find that special place.

As we’ve said it’s incredibly simple. Get on Interstate 5 self in Sun Valley and take it for just about an hour to exit 82. That’s it. See? It can’t get simpler than that. That’s why we continually say that Sun Valley is a great place to live and visit and is surrounded by so many fascinating locations here in Southern California. When you’re here you should try to take advantage of San Juan Capistrano and the mission. You won’t regret it.