Smoky Air Causes Cooler Temps, Red Sun

Red sun in smoky Sun Valley CA sky

Sun Valley Jose Mier on Sun Valley’s Wild Weather

As we reported earlier Sun Valley Jose Mier our area is Being bombarded by smoking hot weather. If There’s a silver lining any of this it’s the the hazy air combined with a few clouds have pushed the temperatures in Sun Valley down more than 30 degrees. Two days ago Sun Valley residence were struggling to contend with 112 degree temperatures.

On Tuesday however it was all the thermometer could do to creep past 80 degrees. That’s a significant drop. If anything, it will allow southern California residents to ease up on the air conditioning and not tax our electricity grid to the breaking point as we probably did over the weekend. It’s evident to the poor air quality in Sun Valley means that susceptible residents should stay inside if possible but in general the rest of us can enjoy the rest from the record breaking heat of recent days.

One of the other effects of this smoky air is that as the sunsets it appears like a bright red fireball very large in the sky. The air may not be good to breathe but it’s going to make some spectacular photographs for those who wish to do so.

Red sun in smoky Sun Valley CA sky
Sun Valley Jose Mier observed a red sun in the smoky Sun Valley CA sky

Sun Valley Air Unhealthy

Sun Valley air quality on Weather Underground

More Fires Add Smoke to Air

If you live and work in Sun Valley like we at Sun Valley Jose Mier do, you know there’s something in the air. We’re not just talking about figuratively, both literally. On a personal note when we left the offices today to go to lunch around 11 AM the ambient light had a distinct orange cast to it.

Sun Valley air quality on Weather Underground
Sun Valley air quality on Weather Underground

We can speculate as today cause of this but it’s pretty obvious that it smoke in the air. We’re in fire season the fires just seem to keep popping up one after another. The latest is known as the El Dorado fire it’s burning around Oak Glen, California, about 60 miles east of Sun Valley.

As we suspected by checking weather underground website the air quality for Sun Valley California is unhealthy. Conventional wisdom tells us to stay indoors do not go out and breathe the unhealthy air unless we must. An unforeseen consequence of this however is that due to the coronavirus we in Sun Valley are not dining indoors when we go out to eat. If we’re lucky our restaurant currently has patio service which means we’re dining outdoors. So for those who have breathing problems already and don’t want to risk going outside, that’s yet another thing having a negative impact on our Sun Valley restaurants.

It seems that our restaurants take one punch after another. First it was closures. Next it was opening up with limited capacity. That was followed by more closures and yet enterprising restauranteurs managed to offer patio service even if it meant putting a tent up in their parking lot.

Now we’re dealing with smoke from a fire 70 miles away from us caused by the negligence of some partygoers. We are also dealing with higher than normal temperatures. And yet, Sun Valley keeps rolling with every punch. Some of us did dine out today at a local eatery, the Hill Street Café on Glenoaks Boulevard. They do have a tent set up in their parking lot and we were able to eat a late breakfast or early lunch as the case may be. While we were there we observed every table in their limited patio area was full at one point.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Urges Caution

That means many of us in Sun Valley are still trying to have some sort of normal life and go out to eat and support our local restaurants despite hot temperatures, smoke and of course, the coronavirus. With all that said, we at Sun Valley Jose Mier do encourage those with pre-existing breathing problems to stay inside as much as possible until both the heat smoke filled air subside.