Sun Valley Jose Mier Drives to Solvang

sun valley jose mier directions to solvang

California’s Danish Village

Sun Valley Jose Mier posted other day trips that are just a short drive away from Sun Valley and the one we are promoting today is unique. If you’re not from Southern California the odds are you may not have heard of Solvang. This charming little village was founded more than a century ago by Danish expatriates and has the feel of an authentic Danish town.

Nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley this tiny enclave has buildings done in Danish style. You’ll also find windmills and stork’s nests throughout the town. Restaurants, wine tasting shops, as well as Danish bakeries and art galleries abound here. It really does feel like you’re in some other country when you visit Solvang. For more information on Solvang check out the city’s website here. Once you learn more about the town you’ll know why it’s a famous southern California tourist destination. If you’re staying–or living–in Sun Valley, it’s only a 2-hour drive, so it makes for a great day trip. You’ll also pass through Santa Barbara so if the mood strikes, you can take a short detour and visit this famous mission city on the same trip.

Sun Valley Jose Mier has often touted our city’s proximity to several freeways and this makes getting to Solvang all the easier. In fact our route of choice is to take Interstate 5 north and then the 118 freeway west. The 118 will turn into the 34 freeway which ends at the 101 freeway. Continue on the 101 west until you hit State Route 154 just past Santa Barbara, then continue on this route until you hit Solvang.

sun valley jose mier directions to solvang
sun valley jose mier directions to solvang

We recommend a morning departure so that you arrive in Solvang around lunchtime and can take advantage of the many restaurants serving traditional Danish food. Then stroll about the town and take in the art galleries, wine tasting, bakeries and souvenir shops. For fans of the film “Sideways” you’ll recognize some locations from that film since it was filmed in this area and have a lot to do with the wines of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Once you experience Solvang you’ll see why it’s such an enjoyable trip. There’s something there for the entire family from kids to adults. Take it from Sun Valley Jose Mier, if you’re just visiting Southern California you need to make this day trip.