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sun valley youth arts center website

Stone House Home to Youth Arts Center

Sun Valley Jose Mier is a big community proponent and wants to take the time to spotlight very special program and location in Sun Valley which is the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center. Longtime residents of Sun Valley are no doubt familiar with the famous Stone House at 8642 Sunland Boulevard. It’s on the list of historical places in California. This stone house was built in 1920 and since 1987 it’s been on the California historical landmark list.

sun valley youth arts center website
sun valley youth arts center website

Now, since 2006, this historic house is also location for the youth arts center. The center provides fine art programs for children ranging from painting to photography and even video production. The youth center website lists all of the activities and classes available for local youth. You can download a PDF of the winter schedule right here.

The center is a great opportunity for kids in and around Sun Valley to try their hands at artistic projects, some of which include drawing, ceramics, mixed media and even street art. Classes take place throughout the week and are open to youth from ages 6 through 17. Cost for classes is currently $36 each and it’s well worth the cost to expose your child the world of art and creativity.

We’re fortunate in Sun Valley to have such programs as are offered by the youth center and it’s one more example why Sun Valley is one of the best places to live in Southern California. Check out the youth center website for more information and all they have to offer and to learn more about this program which is part of the city of Los Angeles.