Sun Valley Jose Mier on the Easing Up

covid vaccine sun valley jose mier

COVID Vaccine Availability A Positive Sign

Sun Valley Jose Mier with an update on the reopening of our community. Sun Valley residents finally taking a sigh of partial relief in that our restaurants and other businesses that were closed before are now able to reopen, at least partially. Part of the reason for this is the low number of new cases reported in California as well as the increasing availability of vaccines.

covid vaccine sun valley jose mier
covid vaccine sun valley jose mier

Based on anecdotal evidence, we can see that more of our friends and colleagues are scheduling appointments for the COVID vaccine which means more people will be less likely to contract this virus over time. Psychologically, we can see sense of relief in the people that we’ve talked to, especially restaurant owners who can now take people inside the restaurants where they couldn’t before.

This is all good news or Sun Valley business. It still feels like the restrictions are unnecessary and that restaurants should be open to higher capacity, but we are glad to see any amount of indoor dining at this point after having been forced to eat outdoors or not at all. There seems to be an increased sense of optimism now given the easing up of restrictions. As promoters of Sun Valley’s economy we’re very glad to see these new steps being taken.

If you live in Sun Valley and haven’t yet taken advantage of indoor dining that you’re favorite restaurant, we are at Sun Valley Jose Mier encourage you to do so now. Let’s get Sun Valley booming again.