Stonehurst Stallions Steam

sunvalleyjosemier steam magnet website screenshot

Local Sun Valley School is STEAM Magnet

You may be familiar with the terms STEM. Many schools are incorporating this into their curriculum. Stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. But there’s a related program which is called STEAM. That is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

sunvalleyjosemier steam magnet website screenshot
sunvalleyjosemier steam magnet website screenshot

You may not have realized but one of our own Sun Valley schools, Stonehurst Elementary, is a STEAM magnet school. Sun Valley Jose Mier recently wrote about Stonehurst and how they are having online classes this year. It remains to be seen how students will fare with these virtual classes and how steam students will do when faced with distance learning. Rather than try to describe the program ourselves here’s a quote from the STEAM magnet school finder website:

Students at Stonehurst STEAM Magnet will be literate, responsible, problem-solvers who are self-reliant and motivated to persevere. As a STEAM Magnet, we are committed to educating students by focusing on the four Cs of pedagogy: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Our school utilizes its expansive gardens (including native plants, aquaponics lab, and garden boxes), fully equipped Science Lab, comprehensive technology program (computer lab/Chromebooks or iPads in every classroom, 3D printing, Apple TV in every classroom), K-5 LEGO Education, and visual-performing arts programs, to enhance its problem-based approach to teaching STEAM concepts. We have recently become a Leader in Me school so all students are learning the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We look forward to having you visit our school and hope you select us to be a part of your family.

Terrible Air Quality Hits Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier Urges Caution Outdoors

Yes, Sun Valley Jose Mier jsut published an article on the smoky conditions in the area yesterday, but a quick check outside and it’s evident that the air quality is even worse today. A walk around our Sun Valley neighborhood revealed that cars parked on the street had a thick covering of ash. No doubt we’re being inundated by smoke from nearby fires like the El Dorado fire.

To all residents we say, stay indoors. The air is definitely not healthy today. Even those with no breathing problems should avoid going outdoors. Let’s hope things clear up soon.

Smoky Air Causes Cooler Temps, Red Sun

Red sun in smoky Sun Valley CA sky

Sun Valley Jose Mier on Sun Valley’s Wild Weather

As we reported earlier Sun Valley Jose Mier our area is Being bombarded by smoking hot weather. If There’s a silver lining any of this it’s the the hazy air combined with a few clouds have pushed the temperatures in Sun Valley down more than 30 degrees. Two days ago Sun Valley residence were struggling to contend with 112 degree temperatures.

On Tuesday however it was all the thermometer could do to creep past 80 degrees. That’s a significant drop. If anything, it will allow southern California residents to ease up on the air conditioning and not tax our electricity grid to the breaking point as we probably did over the weekend. It’s evident to the poor air quality in Sun Valley means that susceptible residents should stay inside if possible but in general the rest of us can enjoy the rest from the record breaking heat of recent days.

One of the other effects of this smoky air is that as the sunsets it appears like a bright red fireball very large in the sky. The air may not be good to breathe but it’s going to make some spectacular photographs for those who wish to do so.

Red sun in smoky Sun Valley CA sky
Sun Valley Jose Mier observed a red sun in the smoky Sun Valley CA sky

Sun Valley Air Unhealthy

Sun Valley air quality on Weather Underground

More Fires Add Smoke to Air

If you live and work in Sun Valley like we at Sun Valley Jose Mier do, you know there’s something in the air. We’re not just talking about figuratively, both literally. On a personal note when we left the offices today to go to lunch around 11 AM the ambient light had a distinct orange cast to it.

Sun Valley air quality on Weather Underground
Sun Valley air quality on Weather Underground

We can speculate as today cause of this but it’s pretty obvious that it smoke in the air. We’re in fire season the fires just seem to keep popping up one after another. The latest is known as the El Dorado fire it’s burning around Oak Glen, California, about 60 miles east of Sun Valley.

As we suspected by checking weather underground website the air quality for Sun Valley California is unhealthy. Conventional wisdom tells us to stay indoors do not go out and breathe the unhealthy air unless we must. An unforeseen consequence of this however is that due to the coronavirus we in Sun Valley are not dining indoors when we go out to eat. If we’re lucky our restaurant currently has patio service which means we’re dining outdoors. So for those who have breathing problems already and don’t want to risk going outside, that’s yet another thing having a negative impact on our Sun Valley restaurants.

It seems that our restaurants take one punch after another. First it was closures. Next it was opening up with limited capacity. That was followed by more closures and yet enterprising restauranteurs managed to offer patio service even if it meant putting a tent up in their parking lot.

Now we’re dealing with smoke from a fire 70 miles away from us caused by the negligence of some partygoers. We are also dealing with higher than normal temperatures. And yet, Sun Valley keeps rolling with every punch. Some of us did dine out today at a local eatery, the Hill Street Café on Glenoaks Boulevard. They do have a tent set up in their parking lot and we were able to eat a late breakfast or early lunch as the case may be. While we were there we observed every table in their limited patio area was full at one point.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Urges Caution

That means many of us in Sun Valley are still trying to have some sort of normal life and go out to eat and support our local restaurants despite hot temperatures, smoke and of course, the coronavirus. With all that said, we at Sun Valley Jose Mier do encourage those with pre-existing breathing problems to stay inside as much as possible until both the heat smoke filled air subside.

Sun Valley is Home to Center for Enriched Studies

LA Magnet Schools Sun Valley Jose Mier

Academic Excellence in Our Backyard

Sun Valley Jose Mier is very proud of our community. As you know we promote all aspects of Sun Valley California in one of those is in the field of education. If you’re not familiar with the Center for enriched studies you should be. It’s part of the Los Angeles unified school district and it’s made up of several different schools. One of those is the Valley oaks Center for enriched studies, or CES.

LA Magnet Schools Sun Valley Jose Mier
LA Magnet Schools website – including our SUn Valley school

Valley Oaks CES is located at 9171 Telfair Ave. in Sun Valley. It’s just a few blocks north east of the Fernangeles recreation Center.

You can find out more about the Centers for Enriched Studies on the Los Angeles megnet schools website, but these special schools cater to a diversity of Los Angeles area students who come from many different types of backgrounds. However each of the students possesses special abilities and these specials S\schools are set up to provide the appropriate learning environment for the students.

As the website states the Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies provides challenging curricula and an environment which offers personal involvement by teachers as well as parents and students. The course is at these schools he’ll our Sun Valley students develop better academic abilities as well as talents in the arts and in the field of athletics.

We at Sun Valley Jose Mier are proud that we have a center for enriched studies right here in our own hometown.

Sun Valley Youth Baseball

Sun Valley Ca Youth Baseball

Youth Sports Important to Sun Valley Jose Mier

We at Sun Valley José Mier want to get the word out that Sun Valley is an attractive place to live and work. 99% of the time our are geared to the adult community and business people. But we can’t forget the part of our son Valley community, in fact the most important part, for the families that live here. And having family means children.

Sun Valley Ca Youth Baseball
Sun Valley Ca Youth Baseball

It’s important for a number of reasons children have an opportunity to participate in sports. They can gain important skills, social, athletic and otherwise. And basically they can just have fun. One of the sporting opportunities near Sun Valley is the East Valley Baseball League. There are seven different divisions in the league, each one geared to a specific age group. The earliest age allowed is three and four years old, but divisions go up to 16 years old just before student would enter high school. Each division has different rules specific to that age group. You can see the different divisions listed below:

The divisions are:

Spirit – ages 3 & 4. Straight T-Ball. One base at a time. Learning the basics.
Shetland – ages 5 & 6. Manuel Machine Pitch w/ Tee, if needed. 50′ bases;
Pinto – ages 7 & 8. Introduction to kid pitch (with limitations). 40′ mound and 60′ bases;
Mustang – ages 9 & 10. Metal cleats; Major league baseball rules (for kids, of course). Lead offs, dropped thrid strikes, infield fly rule. 46′ mound and 60′ bases.
Bronco – ages 11 & 12. Major league rules; 50′ mound and 70′ bases.
Pony – ages 13 & 14. 54′ mound and 80′ bases.
Colt/Palomino – ages 15 & 18. 60′ 6″ mound and 90′ bases. Get ready for High School.

Youth baseball is a great opportunity for kids to Learned something new, to show what they’re made of, and as we said to just have fun. The East Valley baseball league meet sit Strathern Park North in North Hollywood. You can get more details on their website. So to all the kids in Sun Valley, Sun Valley José Mier says, “Play ball!”

Stonehurst Elementary Back to School (Sort Of)

Sun Valley Jose Mier Addresses Distance Learning

As you know one of our cherished neighborhoods in Sun Valley is Stonehurst. We profiled the Stonehurst neighborhood on the Sun Valley Jose Mier website before and one of the key features of this neighborhood is Stonehurst Elementary school.

Stonehurst Elementary School website Sun Valley Jose Mier
Stonehurst Elementary School website profiled by Jose Mier

Stonehurst, like just about every other school in Los Angeles County has begun classes for the new school year. However, like those other schools these classes will be held online through zoom meetings.

It’s an unfortunate situation that our youth are prevented from learning physically in a classroom and must instead learn while sitting in front of their computer at home. We know this is kind of an err-on-the-side-of-caution approach and that community leaders as well as the state government feels it’s best and safer to keep students away from schools. This may or may not be a wise decision given that it seems very unlikely that young children will contract the coronavirus. But there are other concerns.

Anecdotal evidence has shown that it’s more difficult to keep children engaged when they have to sit in front of a computer screen at home rather than being in the classroom physically. Some may not even log on at all. It also causes problems for parents. What does a parent do if he or she has to go to work but his or her child or children must stay at home to attend school virtually? This is an extra hardship on parents who may either have to forgo working to be with their children or to try to find some solution such as having another family member watch the kids or hiring someone to do it. That latter option may not be feasible since families may not want to invite a so-called stranger into their house for fear of the spread of the coronavirus.

Regardless, schools such as Stonehurst elementary are forging ahead with their online class schedule. For those whose children are enrolled at Stonehurst you can view their schedule and all the online meetings and classes on their website.

Sun Valley Jose Mier does not have a solution for all the difficulties online learning may cause but we think it’s important to point these out for the purposes of discussion. If you have a child enrolled in a local school and are dealing with the same problems we’d love to hear any input from you and any possible solutions. And let’s hope and pray that we see a tapering off or an end to the coronavirus soon.

Business Diversity in Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of US Business Site

Sun Valley Jose Mier Takes a Look

Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes all aspects of our community. That’s why today we wanted to take a look at the diverse business community of Sun Valley, California.

Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of US Business Site
Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of US Business Site

For those were thinking of locating or relocating a business to Sun Valley you’ll be in good company. The types of businesses in our tight-knit community runs the gamut. There’s 143 Fashion which is a retail dress shop. 247 Delivers are motorcycle carcouriers and RV storage, as well as self storage units. We have restaurants and beauty salons such as 3 Star Beauty Salon on Sunland Boulevard. 3-D Sales on Tuxford Street is an auto body repair service.

On the industrial side 4-A Crane Service specializes in crane rentals. Like every other city in America, we have our share of 7-Elevens and discount stores like 99 Cents Only. For those who know Sun Valley, you know part of our community is geared toward more industrial types of businesses. We’re proud to count as part of our community Zenith Manufacturing on Dora Street, gala rubber manufacturing on Lankershim, Advanced Manufacturing Concepts on Sherman Way and even Spencer Aerospace Manufacturing on Glenoaks.

We haven’t even mentioned the various types of cuisines available there are many fine restaurants in Sun Valley. We have a large Hispanic population and that is reflected in the types of restaurants we have. There are many Mexican eateries in Sun Valley but we’re not limited to that and fans of Chinese, Thai, Italian, pizza, Japanese or just about any other type of food is available here. And it’s delicious.

We said that this was going to be just a quick overview so will keep it brief. We think you can see from our short list above how diverse our economy is and the types of businesses that have chosen Sun Valley as their home. Those that have, find a great place to live and work, to cook food, to manufacture, provide insurance services, car repair and anything else you can think of. For those that wish to live here, our lower cost-of-living and lower median home price also make Sun Valley an attractive option. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier will continue to promote our community and lure new business to the area to keep our economy as vibrant as possible.

Reading and Learning in Sun Valley During the Coronavirus

Library books on shelves Sun Valley Jose Mier

Sun Valley Jose Mier Library Update

Well, it’s been several months since the coronavirus hit California and our local libraries have been closed for some time. Sun Valley Jose Mier is a big proponent of education in our community libraries playing important role. We’re in the midst of summer which is traditionally a time when many children join book reading clubs and check out books from their local libraries. Libraries are also a place where kids can go to have stories read to them. All of these types of activities have been curtailed because of the current pandemic.

Library books on shelves Sun Valley Jose Mier
Sun Valley Jose Mier recommends checking these out virtually

But just like other businesses in Sun Valley, libraries have also gotten very creative. Some offer online storytime which will help keep kids occupied and their parents a little saner for a while at least. Another thing that libraries have that is not new but is especially welcome at this time is the ability to check out books virtually. Using your library card you can log into a library’s website, View their e-book lists, and check out of book. The process is very simple. In our case we enter our library card number, select our book, and check it out. The book is delivered through and ends up in our Kindle reader on our iPad. If you have another device like the kindle fire, the book will show up there as well.

With many Sun Valley residents Phil sheltering in place, working from home, or just with the extra time on their hands due to the coronavirus, making use of our local libraries is a great way to take up time as well as educate, inform or just amuse yourself. Reading books keeps the brain stimulated, in the mind occupied. Both of these things are specially needed in the midst of our statewide shutdown.

Sun Valley Jose Mier is looking forward to the day when libraries reopen, we hope it’s soon. When they do you can make use of the Sun Valley Branch Library, which is located at 7935 Vineland Ave., Sun Valley California 91352.

Olivia Terrace Home in Sun Valley California

Olivia Terrace Home in Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley José Mier Promotes Our Beautiful Views

Yes, we said it before, Sun Valley José Mier is not a real estate website, but rather a site that promotes all aspects of Sun Valley California. Sun Valley is an area that has many different aspects to it, from industrial areas to some of the most spectacular homes in southern California.

Olivia Terrace Home in Sun Valley, CA
Olivia Terrace Home in Sun Valley, CA

We’ve shown you some of those unique homes before such as the ones in the Stonehurst neighborhood. This one is not too far away and is located on Olivia Terrace in the Verdugo foothills. It just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that those who do not know Sun Valley California don’t know about some of the hidden gems like this home.

Olivia Terrace Home with VIews in Sun Valley, CA
Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes all our beautiful neighborhoods

Our mission here at Sun Valley José Mier is to publicize all the positive things we have in our community. That includes some of the most desirable houses in the greater Los Angeles area. This house is listed at almost $1 million and when you see the photos of it in the hillside views that it contains you’ll see why.

Olivia TOlivia Terrace location in Sun Valley, CAerrace Home with VIews in Sun Valley, CA
Olivia Terrace location in Sun Valley, CA

Olivia Terrace is one of those streets in Sun Valley that most of our residents don’t know about. To get to it you need to take Glenoaks and drive up into the foothills to find this hidden part of our community. Our Sun Valley homes can rival anything that the Hollywood Hills an offer and the views of the San Fernando Valley below can’t be matched.

This home is another example of the many diverse lifestyle opportunities that Sun Valley affords its residents. From horse country in Stonehurst to the Bohemian lifestyle in the North Hollywood-adjacent areas to homes like these in the Verdugo foothills, it just goes to show how multifaceted sun Valley truly is.