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cleon ave house for sale sun valley ca

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As you may or may not know, the median price of housing in Sun Valley is lower on average than in other areas of Los Angeles, that’s why Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes living in this area. We think we’ve got some of the best homes in Southern California. Case in point: 7733 Cleon Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352.

cleon ave house for sale sun valley ca
Sun Valley Jose Mier’s example of ourbeautiful homes

This three bedroom house has been recently remodeled and it looks it! It’s 1,094 square feet on a 7,100 square foot lot. Just take a look at the photos to see what we mean.

Hardwood floors, stamped concrete driveway, gorgeous interiors and a great, landscaped backyard make this a gem. We’re not a real estate site, per se, but we love to promote everything about Sun Valley and this home just bolsters what we say. This part of Los Angeles has some of Southern California’s best real estate.

Cleon Ave., on which this house is located is just a few blocks west of the Burbank airport in a quiet neighborhood. It’s only four blocks from the Sun Valley Recreation Area and a short hop to the bustling San Fernando Rd to get to anywhere in greater LA quickly.

The house is on the market for $599,000.

Owning a Horse in Sun Valley’s Stonehurst

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Stonehust is Horse Country

So maybe you want to relive the days of the old West and saddle up each evening to ride into the sunset. Well, you can in Sun Valley’s Stonehurst neighborhood. With hills and trails only yards away from your home this hidden enclave is perfect for those wishing to keep horses on their property or (if you’re a new home buyer) purchase a horse after moving in.

horse galloping in sun valley ca
Horses are common in Sun Valley’s Stonehurst

Only a few minutes from the 5 freeway and all the urban living that life in greater Los Angeles affords, this area seems like an old rancho. And it really is. There are actual ranches here as well as feed and tack stores to supply your equine needs. If you’re new to owning a horse there are a few things to consider.

First is the cost of the horse itself. You’ll need to do your research to find a horse that suits your needs, is healthy and well-tempered, but after that, then what? You’ll need to budget for horse ownership. On average you’ll be looking at around $2,000 to $4,000 per year in feed. Other costs will include veterinary treatments and those of a farrier. Farriers are a necessity to prevent hoof problems. Look at spending around $350 per year on this. If your horse gets sick, veterinary care may run you thousands of dollars.

Add onto this general upkeep costs and supplies like saddle(s), blankets, grooming supplies—and don’t forget transportation. Do your research and make sure you’re prepared for horse ownership.

All that said Sun Valley Jose Mier thinks our Stonehurst neighborhood is a spectacular option. The area is quiet and infrequently traveled, making it the perfect area to take your horse out for a ride. With most of Stonehurst made up of flat open spaces you can leisurely walk your horse around the streets with little worry. And you can saunter up the Verdugo foothill trails to take in the breathtaking views of the San Fernando Valley any time you want.

We recommend you investigate Stonehurst for all it has to offer the horse owner or buyer.

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