It’s Hot in Sun Valley

Sun Valley CA Heat Wave

Watch it When Going Outdoors

Sun Valley CA Heat Wave
Sun Valley Jose Mier Heatwave Warning

We at Sun Valley Jose Mier know that it’s hot, even though mornings are on the cooler side. We’re sure that you do too. Temperatures are reaching the triple-digit mark so we thought a friendly reminder was in order. If you don’t have to go outside, stay indoors. That goes double for seniors who are more susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration. If you do have to work outside, make sure you drink plenty of water and keep activities to a minimum. We’re in the midst of one of the worst heatwaves in years and the greater Los Angeles area is bearing the brunt of it so play it safe.

It's Hot in Sun Valley
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It's Hot in Sun Valley
Sun Valley Jose Mier issues a warning for heatwave.
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