Sun Valley is Home to Center for Enriched Studies

LA Magnet Schools Sun Valley Jose Mier

Academic Excellence in Our Backyard

Sun Valley Jose Mier is very proud of our community. As you know we promote all aspects of Sun Valley California in one of those is in the field of education. If you’re not familiar with the Center for enriched studies you should be. It’s part of the Los Angeles unified school district and it’s made up of several different schools. One of those is the Valley oaks Center for enriched studies, or CES.

LA Magnet Schools Sun Valley Jose Mier
LA Magnet Schools website – including our SUn Valley school

Valley Oaks CES is located at 9171 Telfair Ave. in Sun Valley. It’s just a few blocks north east of the Fernangeles recreation Center.

You can find out more about the Centers for Enriched Studies on the Los Angeles megnet schools website, but these special schools cater to a diversity of Los Angeles area students who come from many different types of backgrounds. However each of the students possesses special abilities and these specials S\schools are set up to provide the appropriate learning environment for the students.

As the website states the Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies provides challenging curricula and an environment which offers personal involvement by teachers as well as parents and students. The course is at these schools he’ll our Sun Valley students develop better academic abilities as well as talents in the arts and in the field of athletics.

We at Sun Valley Jose Mier are proud that we have a center for enriched studies right here in our own hometown.

Sun Valley is Home to Center for Enriched Studies
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Sun Valley is Home to Center for Enriched Studies
Sun Valley Jose Mier discusses our very own CES school (Center for Enriched Studies) which is Valley Oaks CES on Telfair Ave. This school provides a special, challenging curriculum to students who attend in academics, arts and sports.
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