Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Trip to the Magic Kingdom

Straight Shot South on I-5

One of the things we at Sun Valley Jose Mier like to promote is Sun Valley’s central location. The 5 freeway spans the entire length of the state of California, and it just happens to run right through Sun Valley, California. Because of this it’s easy to get to most places in Southern California in a pretty short amount of time.

Disneyland castle SunValleyJoseMier
Disneyland castle: easy trip from SunValleyJoseMier

If you’re one of those people whose discovered that our Hollywood Burbank Airport is a great alternative to LAX, then flying in to our Sun Valley neighbor in staying with us in our community is a smart option. We won’t even begin to list all the attractions and theme parks there’re only minutes away, but instead we’re going to focus on one of our favorite drives, and one of our favorite destinations: Disneyland.

The drive from Sun Valley to Disneyland is so simple that it hardly warrants the paragraphs we’re writing here. Quite simply, you hop on the south, follow it all the way to Anaheim, get off on Disney Drive. That’s it. Yes, there are some twists and turns that people unfamiliar with Southern California should know about, but with GPS and a sharp eye on freeway signs it really is just a straight shot south.

Just because we’re the nice people we are here at Sun Valley Jose Mier we’re including a map with driving directions from Sun Valley to Disneyland and Anaheim. If you’re thinking about visiting Southern California of course we think sun Valley should be your base of operations. And you can get to places like Disneyland really easily. In fact, without traffic the drive will take about 45 minutes. So stay with us in Sun Valley and enjoy the Magic Kingdom only minutes away.