Stonehurst Icon: East Valley Feed and Tack

east valley feed and tack website

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Neighbor

It’s hard for any of us in Sun Valley José Meyer do not notice our neighbor several yards away on Sheldon Street. That’s East Valley Feed and Tack and it’s a Sun Valley landmark since 1971.

east valley feed and tack website
east valley feed and tack website

As we’ve mentioned before in our Sun Valley Jose Mier posts on the Stonehurst neighborhood, this area is home to many horse owners and it makes sense that a feed and tack store would be located right around the corner, literally, from those who live in this rural area of Sun Valley. You can’t miss the bales of hay stacked 20 or 30 feet high at the back of their location. That’s not all the East Valley Feed and Tack is known for.

If you visit their website, you’ll see that in addition to feed they stock boots, saddles, Western hats and even products for your dog. So you don’t have to be a horse owner to stop in and make a purchase. If you’re considering moving to the Stonehurst neighborhood as well as the possibility of owning a horse, checking out their website and their blog posts about horse ownership would be a good first step. Having been around for just about 50 years they know a thing or two on the subject and if it’s not on their website you can certainly drop in and ask your questions.

Owning a horse in Sun Valley isn’t the only semi rural activity we have here. A good number of our neighbors to raise chickens in east valley has the supplies they need, both chicken feed as well as materials for making chicken coops.

Can you believe we’re in greater Los Angeles and we’re talking about horses and raising chickens? Some may find it hard to believe but it’s true and that’s part of their charm of Sun Valley, California. We can’t think of another area in the San Fernando Valley that rivals us for the diversity of lifestyles that Sun Valley offers. So if you are a horse owner or just want to pal around with some cowboys in your off time, drop by East Valley Deed and Tack and say hi.