Sun Valley Jose Mier Goes to Outer Space

sun valley jose mier griffith observatory

20 Minute Drive to Griffith Observatory

sun valley jose mier griffith observatory
sun valley jose mier griffith observatory

Sun Valley Jose Mier with another great day trip idea. As we’ve said many times before Sun Valley is in a prime location, Close to so much around Southern California. One of those spots it Is extremely close it makes for perfect morning or afternoon jaunt. We’re talking about the Griffith Observatory.

The observatory is very famous, having been featured in hundreds of feature films and TV shows, but it’s an actual observatory and when it’s dark you can see the constellations the night sky. During the daytime the location is perfect for viewing just about all of the Los Angeles basin since the observatory is located on top of a hill overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles and beyond.

Currently the observatory is promoting the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which come this close in the night sky only every 800 years or so. As we write this the skies in Sun Valley are a bit cloudy so let’s hope that when you try to spot the conjunction of these two planets the night sky is clear.

As with so many day trips that we’ve profiled on Sun Valley Jose Mier this one too is very easy. From Sun Valley get on interstate 5 heading south. After only a few minutes exit on Los Feliz heading west. Take N. Vermont Canyon Road North to W. Observatory Rd. Simple? We thought so. This whole trip to the observatory takes just over 20 minutes. If you’re short on time you can spend an hour or two at the observatory and go on to bigger and better things. Although what could be bigger than the heavens themselves? And all this is very close to our backyard in Sun Valley.