Sun Valley Jose Mier Goes from Surf to Snow

mt. baldy sun valley jose mier

Sun Valley to Mt. Baldy


Sun Valley Jose Mier as you know I was promoted several different day trips, all which can be accomplished starting from are beautiful community of Sun Valley. One of the most attractive features of the living in Southern California is the variety of landscapes in a small geographic area. It is possible for someone in Southern California to wake up, go skiing in snow covered mountains in the morning, drive one or two hours and go surfing in the ocean in the afternoon.

mt. baldy sun valley jose mier
mt. baldy sun valley jose mier

Possibilities like those are what makes Sun Valley such a great place to live, especially since we are located pretty much in the center of all this activity and by driving one hour either West or to the east, we can reach Snow on our mountains in the winter months or the Pacific ocean if we go the other way.

For this day trip we’re not saying you should pack all this into one day. No, today we’re merely talking about a trip to the snow, and specifically a visit to Mount Baldy on the northern edge of the Inland Empire. You don’t have to be a skier to enjoy the mountain climate, fresh air in at this time of year Snow, but if you do ski there are opportunities for you to enjoy the sport by driving only an hour from Sun Valley.

Like most of the day trips we talk about on Sun Valley Jose Mier the directions for this one are also very easy. At the risk of repeating ourselves it’s because Sun Valley is located so close to so many Southern California freeways. To get to Mount Baldy from sun Valley the route is as follows:

Take the 5 freeway south to the 134 freeway east. The 134 turns into the 210 freeway when you get to Pasadena. Continue to follow the 210 freeway east until exit 52 in Claremont. Once you exit, go north on Mount Baldy Road until you reach your destination. All in all it will take just about an hour. Now with recent rains and snowfall, it’s a good time to visit our mountain resort areas. If you are one of those adventurous types you could even start with a swim the Pacific ocean in the morning and end your day in the snows of Mount Baldy. In fact that might be very attractive to those who are visiting from back East and the severe winter storms that they’re going through right now.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Promotes Pizza

Pizza Sun Valley Jose MIer

Take Out and Delivery Are Popular Options During COVID


Sun Valley Jose Mier has been doing some thinking during this pandemic and one of the things we think about is where Sun Valley residents are eating–if it’s not at home. For most of us we are staying in more then we did in 2019 but even despite the coronavirus pandemic we’re still dealing with, people like to have a treat once in a while, eat out, take out or have something delivered.

We had our suspicions that the pizza industry was doing rather well despite–or because of —the coronavirus shutdown. What we found confirms those suspicions. People want to take out a meal for themselves and their family that Pizza is an easy choice because it’s low cost and it will feed a lot of people. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the stats on the QSR Magazine website.

We wanted feature some of the Pizza places here in Sun Valley in an effort to get business going so without further ado here’s a list of some of the best-known pizza parlors in Sun Valley California.


Pizza Sun Valley Jose MIer
Pizza Sun Valley Jose MIer



8126 Sunland Blvd

Sun Valley, CA, 91352


786 degrees

8879 Laurel Canyon Blvd

Sun Valley, CA 91352



8414 Sunland Blvd

Sun Valley, CA 91352


Papa John’s

8947 Sunland Blvd

Sun Valley, CA 91352


Pizza Loca

7608 Vineland Ave

Sun Valley, CA 91352


Old Sicily

7608 Vineland Ave

Sun Valley, CA 91352


Pizza Hut

8023 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91605

Pizza Hut Website


Sun Valley Jose Mier Explores RubyHome website sun valley jose mier

Southern California Real Estate Website


Sun Valley Jose Mier researches just about everything we can find concerning Sun Valley from shopping to dining to real estate. One of the real estate sites that you may not know about is This real estate site is dedicated to Southern California homes specifically. In fact Rubyhome is based in Beverly Hills California.

For those of you either moving within Sun Valley or to Sun Valley from some other location in the state or nation, Rubyhome could be a valuable resource. In addition to Real estate listings you can take a virtual tour or schedule an in person tour and contact the buyer’s agent all through the website.

It’s fortunate that we are able to accomplish so much–including the purchase a home –without leaving the confines of our current home thanks to the Internet. This is especially important now that we are still stuck in our homes for the most part due to the coronavirus. website sun valley jose mier website sun valley jose mier

As of this writing there are 23 homes listed in the Sun Valley area. The median home price is $640,000. With interest rates at historic lows this maybe the perfect time to purchase a home, especially a home in Sun Valley California. We recommend checking out in adding that to your real estate research toolkit.

Sun Valley to Beverly Hills

sun valley jose mier goes to beverly hills

LA County Reopening Reason to Travel


Sun Valley Jose Mier has compiled other day trips from Sun Valley but we wanted to make know of this suggestion in light of the fact that it seems Los Angeles County will be easing up on some of our coronavirus restrictions. That means within a few days outdoor dining should be available once again and we can take advantage of it.

sun valley jose mier goes to beverly hills
sun valley jose mier goes to beverly hills

Day trips from Sun Valley don’t have to be very long. I know we talked about trips to Orange County or the Santa Barbara area, but taking a trip to Beverly Hills is only a little over 30 minutes and it’s an opportunity to get out of Sun Valley and change of scenery for an afternoon or whatever you’d like to do.

For visitors to Southern California who are making Sun Valley their base of operations, Beverly Hills is usually one of those things the people want to see when they’re visiting us and it’s so easy. It’s actually an enjoyable drive over the Hollywood hills, including some twists and turns and then you’re in the midst of huge houses and fancy restaurants. Of course visitors to Southern California always want to take a walk down Rodeo Drive and our route will take you right there.

Our favorite way to get to Beverly Hills is to take Hollywood Way south to the 134 freeway. Hop on the 134 West, allow it to merge with the 101 freeway, exit on Coldwater Canyon and head south. Coldwater Canyon will take you over the Hollywood hills and it turns into Rexford Drive. Rexford will take you to Santa Monica Blvd. and it’s only a block or two to Rodeo Drive and shopping and dining. Total drive time: 34 minutes.

If you’re visiting Sun Valley take a quick jaunt over to Beverly Hills to hobnob with the rich and famous. If you’re at Sun Valley resident you could use the opportunity to grab some lunch now that restaurants are reopening. Don’t forget to patronize our Sun Valley restaurants too!

Sun Valley Jose Mier Explores Trulia

trulia website sun valley jose mier

Not Just For Homes

Sun Valley Jose Mier looks for anything that will make things easier for residents of our community or that is just interesting or fun. On one of our many daily searches of the Internet we found a page on the website for Sun Valley. If you’ve never checked out Trulia you should. Especially if you’re investigating what living in Sun Valley would be like.

There’s a wealth of information available on this website right at your fingertips including things like the number of homes for sale, homes for rent, schools, restaurants and a whole lot more. As you can see from the screenshot on this page the information is right there as well as a map which shows Sun Valley and its location and all the points of interest within its borders.

trulia website sun valley jose mier
Trulia website Sun Valley Jose Mier

Another thing we like about this website is that you can get an idea of what the community is like. They’ve asked residents to rate Sun Valley in different areas such as sidewalks, grocery stores, community spirit, etc. So you can get an idea of what your neighbors or potential neighbors think about the city in which they live. The comments are not sugarcoated and residents who have problems are free to express their feelings and let others know what difficulties they have living in Sun Valley. For the most part however the comments from Sun Valley residents are positive. This means most of us are pretty happy living here in Sun Valley. And why wouldn’t we be? This is, in our opinion, pretty good place to live given all the options we have for shopping, dining, transportation and travel.

For those looking to make a move to Southern California—and specifically Sun Valley—the Trulia website is a great resource. Even if you already live here it’s nice to check it out to see what restaurants and attractions are nearby. There maybe some you’ve overlooked or never heard of before. So check it out.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Goes from Rome to Rio

sun valley jose mier rome to rio

Actually, Los Angeles to Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier articles have detailed many day trips that can be taken from Sun Valley to other places around Southern California. However, today we wanted to address the different transportation options available for whatever trip you want to take and specifically by using the website Rome to Rio.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rome to Rio it’s a website that will give you all the transportation options from one point to another. You literally can put in two different cities such as Rome, Italy and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and see your transportation options. We’re not looking to take a trip of that magnitude. We just want to get from downtown Los Angeles to Sun Valley. As we’ve written many times before Sun Valley has easy access to a number of freeways, making the trip to anywhere in Southern California pretty easy. But automobiles are not the only modes of transport available to us.

sun valley jose mier rome to rio
sun valley jose mier rome to rio

One of the benefits of living in Sun Valley is that we have our own Metrolink stop (located at 8360 San Fernando Rd.) so it’s a snap to hop on the Metrolink train and take it into downtown Los Angeles at Union Station. Union Station is the hub for not only Metrolink trains but the underground subway, the Metro, as well as aboveground train lines such as the red line. All these options means it’s possible to get around Southern California from Long Beach to the Inland Empire without having to use an automobile.

For those of you that are interested, Rome to Rio gives a travel time from Union Station to Sun Valley of 29 minutes and ticket prices range from $4-$7. The next time you’re thinking about travel to or from Sun Valley try giving Rome to Rio shot and see what your options are. Given the amount of traffic we have on our freeways, taking a train trip might be a cool and enjoyable alternative.

Coronado Manufacturing in Sun Valley

sun valley jose mier coronado mfg. site

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Spotlight on Business

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting all aspects of our community in effort to boost our economy and the overall reputation of our portion of the San Fernando Valley. If talked about various neighborhoods, restaurants and other businesses but some of the businesses that call Sun Valley home go unnoticed or under the radar. One of these is Coronado Manufacturing.

sun valley jose mier coronado mfg. site
sun valley jose mier coronado mfg. site

Coronado is involved in aerospace, aviation and medical manufacturing. They’re located right here at 8991 Glen Oaks Blvd. We couldn’t give a better description of their business than they do themselves on their website.

We are a leading manufacturer of precision-machined components for customers in the aerospace, defense,
telecommunications, and medical industries. Our world class facility in California’s San Fernando Valley currently handles mission-critical parts for a growing roster of end platforms, including:
The leading commercial aerospace programs
Military applications
Business and regional jet aircraft engines
Every manned space flight to date

Coronado manufacturing has been in existence since 1959 and we’re proud that they call sun Valley home. Manufacturing this one of the most important industries we have in Sun Valley but not many people know about it. You may pass by these facilities without giving them a second thought but inside men and women are dedicated to producing the highest quality specifications for equipment that we’ll go into the air, into outer space or will be used in the medical industry.

Sun Valley Jose Mier and reviews sun valley jose mier

What People Think of Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier has always promoted the most positive aspects of our community, and we really do think that Sun Valley has a lot to offer. But ours is just one opinion among many. Unless you live in Sun Valley and can ask one of your neighbors, how can you determine what residents really feel about our city?

Enter is a website devoted to insight and opinions about communities throughout the United States and we’re fortunate that many people have offered their own opinions of Sun Valley. If you check out their website you’ll see several reviews about our town, most of which are positive with many residents giving Sun Valley four or five stars. reviews sun valley jose mier reviews sun valley jose mier

Of course with any site that is filled with reviews you will have positive as well as negative reviews. In fact people are more likely to leave a negative review about something than a positive one even if they are satisfied with a service, place, etc. Some of the reviews complain about our homeless problem. This is an unfortunate aspect of life in Sun Valley, but it’s not limited to our community. All of Los Angeles County has seen an uptick in homelessness over the past couple years. However, the positive reviews about Sun Valley are heartwarming. Especially when people talk about how they can communicate with their neighbors and how everybody helps everyone else. That’s exactly the type of spirit that we are talking about when we promote the positive aspects of Sun Valley.

For those who are considering moving to Sun Valley, would be hey good website to visit to get an idea of what our own residence think of our community.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Explores Car Auctions

copart website sun valley jose mier

Did You Know About Copart in Sun Valley?


Sun Valley Jose Mier tries to unearth those hidden things in our city that even longtime residents may not know about. One of those things is car auctions and specifically the Copart organization which has a location here in Sun Valley.

Most people, when in the market for a vehicle, go the traditional route, buying from a dealership—either new or used—buy from an individual or these days it’s even possible to buy a car online. However, some people look for unique opportunities such as purchasing a vehicle that’s been damaged in an accident at a car auction.

copart website sun valley jose mier
copart website sun valley jose mier

Copart is a company with locations throughout the United States and sells vehicles at auction. We just happen to have a Copart location here in Sun Valley, however there are locations in just about every state. Car auctions are a fascinating subject and the reasons people take advantage of these auctions are many. Some may want to find a deal and purchase a vehicle that’s been damaged at a low cost and spend the money to repair it. Others may be restoring the vehicle and need parts that they can salvage from a heavily damaged vehicle. As we’ve said it’s an interesting subject but those who want to take advantage of automobile auctions should be knowledgeable and know what they’re getting into. Some of the damage to these vehicles is extensive and if you’re planning to repair the vehicle and drive it you have to be very sure that it will be worth the effort.

With car auctions you really need to know what you’re doing, but if you do you can take advantage of the fact that we have our own Copart location here at 11409 Penrose St. You can also take a look at the Copart website where you can view the automobiles offered throughout the country and can join auctions online. Copart also has an app for your mobile device, giving you the ability to purchase the vehicle at auction with a few clicks. The fact that we have a location here in Sun Valley is good because it allows you to actually visit the location and check out the cars yourself.

If you have the intestinal fortitude to join an automobile auction our city is a perfect place to do this. It is possible to make a good buy, but as we’ve said you need to know what you’re doing. Regardless, this is a fascinating area that most people don’t know about but it could be fun just to take a look at the cars, gather information and think about what you could do with them.