Changes To Sun Valley Environs

North Hollywood Metro Station Developed

If you visited Sun Valley Jose Mier before you know that our town is made up of certain areas, one of which is North Hollywood adjacent. Our neighbors to the south and west are proud of their newfound fame and attractiveness as a Bohemian hub here in greater Los Angeles. The fact at Sun Valley borders on North Hollywood means that we get to share in some of that glory and take advantage of the things that North Hollywood may have that Sun Valley still lacks.

North Hollywood continues to improve its image and they haven’t stopped yet. One of the things that will give North Hollywood, and as result Sun Valley, an economic boost is the plan to develop the 15 acre property near the North Hollywood Metro Station. The project, which will begin next year, will include, among other things a 1500 unit housing facility as well as office space and retail.

The Metro station is so close to Sun Valley that we basically consider it part of our community. Any effort to revamp this area means that Sun Valley will get a boost from the construction. With 1500 more apartments in the area that means those residents will venture out not only into North Hollywood but into the surrounding areas to take advantage of the variety of restaurants, shopping and other businesses that we have in Sun Valley.

Trammell Crow Company — District NoHo | Consensus from ConsensusLive on Vimeo.

The project is being overseen by Trammell Crow and will be called District NoHo. The only downside to projects like these–and it’s always the case–is that the more dense the housing in a certain area the more traffic in that same area. We wonder if this is been addressed as part of the project but it’s a given that greater Los Angeles’ streets are some of the most crowded and the country and depending upon the time of day the traffic in Sun Valley and North Hollywood is no different. Still, another injection of new design and vitality to our area should be welcome and we look forward to seeing the progress on this development.