Sun Valley Jose Mier Goes from Rome to Rio

sun valley jose mier rome to rio

Actually, Los Angeles to Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier articles have detailed many day trips that can be taken from Sun Valley to other places around Southern California. However, today we wanted to address the different transportation options available for whatever trip you want to take and specifically by using the website Rome to Rio.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rome to Rio it’s a website that will give you all the transportation options from one point to another. You literally can put in two different cities such as Rome, Italy and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and see your transportation options. We’re not looking to take a trip of that magnitude. We just want to get from downtown Los Angeles to Sun Valley. As we’ve written many times before Sun Valley has easy access to a number of freeways, making the trip to anywhere in Southern California pretty easy. But automobiles are not the only modes of transport available to us.

sun valley jose mier rome to rio
sun valley jose mier rome to rio

One of the benefits of living in Sun Valley is that we have our own Metrolink stop (located at 8360 San Fernando Rd.) so it’s a snap to hop on the Metrolink train and take it into downtown Los Angeles at Union Station. Union Station is the hub for not only Metrolink trains but the underground subway, the Metro, as well as aboveground train lines such as the red line. All these options means it’s possible to get around Southern California from Long Beach to the Inland Empire without having to use an automobile.

For those of you that are interested, Rome to Rio gives a travel time from Union Station to Sun Valley of 29 minutes and ticket prices range from $4-$7. The next time you’re thinking about travel to or from Sun Valley try giving Rome to Rio shot and see what your options are. Given the amount of traffic we have on our freeways, taking a train trip might be a cool and enjoyable alternative.