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Sun Valley Jose Mier weather tracking hurricane image

Sun Valley Jose Mier Keeps Tabs on Weather

Sun Valley Jose Mier is one place you can come for information about everything going on in and around Sun Valley California. While our neighbors in Florida have just endured some catastrophic weather in the form of hurricane Ian, Southern California still in the midst of an Indian summer.

Temperatures have gone down from the triple digits a week or two ago two more comfortable temperatures. Sun Valley is now experiencing highs in the 80s And nighttime and early morning hours are actually chilly. All this brings us to subject weather forecasting. The staff here at Sun Valley José Mier our group of jacks of all trades and since we cover topics ranging from cooking to automobile insurance to travel to, yes, weather, we need to be conversant with aspects of a number of different things.

Sun Valley Jose Mier weather tracking hurricane image
Sun Valley Jose Mier weather tracking hurricane image

The average Joe, using a weather tracking website such as or or even looking at the weather app on your iPhone is sufficient. However there are some of us—and you maybe one of them too–who likes to dig a bit deeper into the weather and maybe even make some prognostications yourself. If you’re one of those who likes to track High pressure systems, low pressure systems and barometric pressure there are applications that You can use to give you even more insight into the upcoming weather for your area or any other Area you may be interested in.

Of course having one of these apps isn’t really a substitute for firm grounding in the basics of meteorology but you Can give you a leg up over other sites or apps that just give you the temperatures for the next 10 days. We here at Sun Valley José Meyer like the radar view we can view storm systems as they progress toward our area here in the Los Angeles basin. You may have another preference and that’s why we’re including this YouTube video whether tracking apps they’re available for you.

Some of these apps and websites offered or bells and whistles you have a premium subscription– That means you pay—as opposed to just the free version. If you are a weather aficionado it May be a worthwhile investment. The choice is yours.

With all that said, we still feel thankful that, and Living here in Sun Valley, we don’t have to deal with the extreme type of whether the Floridians just had to live through. Sun Valley and indeed the rest of Southern California does have its own unique problems and dangers—we’re thinking specifically of earthquakes–so we rarely have to deal with hurricane force winds or driving rain.

Sun Valley, in the not-too-distant past, was subject to its share of flooding even in Times when the rainfall is not extremely significant. But, thanks to recent innovations including underground storage tanks in the Sun Valley area much of the previous flooding has been eliminated our area.

For more on whether check out and keep logging in to Sun Valley José for updates weather and anything else that is of interest to our residents.