Smoky Air Causes Cooler Temps, Red Sun

Red sun in smoky Sun Valley CA sky

Sun Valley Jose Mier on Sun Valley’s Wild Weather

As we reported earlier Sun Valley Jose Mier our area is Being bombarded by smoking hot weather. If There’s a silver lining any of this it’s the the hazy air combined with a few clouds have pushed the temperatures in Sun Valley down more than 30 degrees. Two days ago Sun Valley residence were struggling to contend with 112 degree temperatures.

On Tuesday however it was all the thermometer could do to creep past 80 degrees. That’s a significant drop. If anything, it will allow southern California residents to ease up on the air conditioning and not tax our electricity grid to the breaking point as we probably did over the weekend. It’s evident to the poor air quality in Sun Valley means that susceptible residents should stay inside if possible but in general the rest of us can enjoy the rest from the record breaking heat of recent days.

One of the other effects of this smoky air is that as the sunsets it appears like a bright red fireball very large in the sky. The air may not be good to breathe but it’s going to make some spectacular photographs for those who wish to do so.

Red sun in smoky Sun Valley CA sky
Sun Valley Jose Mier observed a red sun in the smoky Sun Valley CA sky