Excursions From Sun Valley: Hollywood Sign

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Favorite Los Angeles Day Trips

As the Sun Valley Jose Mier’s website always likes to say, Sun Valley, California is a great place to live and to visit. Our location in the San Fernando Valley makes us Centro it just about everything you would want to do in Southern California. Even Orange County and its theme parks are only a short drive away, directly south on the I-5 freeway. But what about sites that are closer to home? There’s a reason that our Sun Valley-close airport is called a Hollywood Burbank airport because the sights of Hollywood are only a few minutes from downtown Sun Valley. And nothing says Hollywood, literally, like the famed Hollywood sign. There are many opportunities to view this iconic landmark but we’re going to share with you our favorite way.

Just hop on the 170 freeway south. Take that to the 101 south and exit on Barham Blvd. Take Barham north a short distance to Lake Hollywood Dr. and just follow the signs to Lake Hollywood Park. You’ll pass Lake Hollywood along the way. This last part involves a lot of twists and turns but it’s worth the effort when you arrive. Lake Hollywood Park has one of the best views of the Hollywood sign. Perfect for photos (with yourself in them, of course).

This is a short excursion which will leave you plenty of time for anything else you want to do in Southern California.

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Excursions From Sun Valley: Hollywood Sign
Sun Valley Jose Mier shows visitors how to get to the Hollywood sign, just a short trip away from Sun Valley, CA.
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