Greener Hills Above Sun Valley

Sun Valley Jose Mier Loves the Lush Mountains

We wait for it every year. The winter rainy season. This time it seemed to be delayed. January, usually our wettest month, had a few spits and sprinkles but not a lot of rain. February was not much different and probably even drier than January. The first few days of March, however, saw some significant rainfall which was very welcome.

If you’re a reader of Sun Valley Jose Mier you know that we often stress the danger of fire in our Sun Valley foothills. This summer–and even into December–we had very hot and dry conditions and the recent rains are quite welcome. For a time they will prevent the outbreak of fire in our community and they have the added benefit of making our usually brown foothills quite verdant. Sometimes it may seem that we live in a desert environment but after the series of showers, hillsides around our community suddenly turn green. Right now in March this is the perfect time for visitors to Southern California to enjoy the newly green scenery around Sun Valley.

For those who are thinking of moving to this area the green of our Verdugo foothills is probably an even more attractive feature.

As we look at the weather forecast for the coming weeks it doesn’t look as if there’s any more rain on tap in the near future. Nevertheless, the effect of rains up to this point will allow us to enjoy some nicer Sun Valley scenery.