Sun Valley Goes Solar

Solar panels on Sun Valley Business Park

Pendleton St. Rooftop a Collects the Sunshine

Odds are you have never seen it but There are 15 acres of solar panels just above our heads here in Sun Valley. Most folks don’t have a reason to drive up Pendelton Street in the northern section of our community but the relatively new development, the Sun Valley Business Center which is located here is a massive facility on 15 acres of land.

Solar panels on Sun Valley Business Park
Solar panels on Sun Valley Business Park – Very Close to Sun Valley Jose Mier Office

You need a big ladder or a helicopter to take a look at the rooftop, but once you’re there you see that the roof is being utilized to collect sunlight using the latest solar panel technology. This is part of a plan that Los Angeles has for businesses to make use of the rooftops, collect solar energy and sell it back to Los Angeles at a good price.

15 acres is a large plot of land in the amount of solar energy there can be collected here is substantial. Being able to harness solar power and offset the cost of heating or cooling a large facility such as this makes it very attractive for the owners of the property.

Some of the progress being made in Sun Valley and its environs isn’t readily visible, but little by little our section of Los Angeles is becoming ever more sophisticated. The nearby Tesla charging station is another aspect of how Los Angeles is making use of green energy and the Sun Valley business Park is one more example.

While solar energy is not going to address all the needs of Southern California and Sun Valley in particular, it does in certain instances makes sense. If a developer can save or recoup money by installing solar panels then it makes economic sense. The addition of solar panels also means the solar companies in that area have more work and this is always good for the Sun Valley economy.

If your Sun Valley travels to take you to the northern section of our city you may want to take a drive up Pendelton Street and look at this massive business park. It may bring a smile to your face to know that this huge area of land it’s not just sitting there but is collecting energy that can be used elsewhere. And it’s happening right here in Sun Valley California. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier always promote the positive aspects of our town and this is yet one more example of why Sun Valley is unique among other San Fernando Valley cities.

Sun Valley Goes Solar
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Sun Valley Goes Solar
Sun Valley Jose Mier details the 15 acres of solar panels installed atop the Sun Valley Business Park. The panels produce energy which the owners can sell back to the city of Los Angeles.
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