Sun Valley Jose Mier Drives to San Diego

sun valley jose mier view of downtown san diego

Couldn’t Be Easier


It certainly appears as though Sun Valley Jose Mier is on a day trip binge but we don’t mind if you call us out for it. We recently wrote about trips to Solvang and Santa Barbara. For this article we’re going in another direction, namely south. Our destination? San Diego, California.

San Diego is a great destination for anyone visiting Southern California, even if you only have a day to look around. A 2-hour drive will put you in downtown San Diego or other places of interest such as La Jolla, Mission Bay or Coronado Island. Balboa Park is also a great place to visit where you can walk around the gardens and look at the great century-old architecture that’s here. A day trip to San Diego could also include the world-famous San Diego zoo or Seaworld.

sun valley jose mier view of downtown san diego
sun valley jose mier view of downtown san diego

Take it from Sun Valley Jose Mier, the list of possibilities when visiting San Diego is almost unlimited. We recommend checking out the many websites dedicated to San Diego including San Diego’s own city website. If you choose downtown San Diego be sure to check out the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier and museum. Nearby along the promenade you will also find the statue called “Unconditional Surrender,” which is a larger-than-life representation of that famous photograph of the sailor kissing the nurse at the end of World War II.

As to getting there, these are directions that no one can screw up. From Sun Valley, hop on Interstate Five going south. That’s it. We told you it couldn’t be simpler. Yes, the route from Sun Valley to San Diego is just one straight drive south on Interstate Five. As you drive you’ll pass through Orange County, by Carlsbad, San Juan Capistrano and stretches of beach and ocean views that will get you in the mood for a visit to this seaside city.

For those of us who live here, we know what San Diego has in store for us but if you’re just visiting Southern California and are spending time in the Sun Valley area, a day trip to San Diego is something you should not miss

Sun Valley Jose Mier Drives to San Diego
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Sun Valley Jose Mier Drives to San Diego
Sun Valley Jose Mier write about another day trip from Sun Valley: to San Diego. The trip is only a little over 2 hours but San Diego is a world apart.
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