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Sun Valley Jose Mier always promotes places and activities of interest within our community so it we would always be scouring the Internet for items we think you’d be interested in. Most of us here live in Sun Valley so we know personally what there is to do, but even we don’t know everything so it’s important that we find out and share it with you. One of the great things of the Internet is that so many people have gone and done things and written about them that these reviews are available online. Many of them are on travel for tourism sites like Tripadvisor or Yelp.

Sun Valley Jose Mier Yelp Things to Do
Sun Valley Jose Mier Yelp Things to Do

Yelp is always interesting even though, in our opinion, it doesn’t always contain as much information as we think it should. But if you’re just talking Sun Valley restaurants, well, Yelp is a good place to start. For our search today we looked for things to do in Sun Valley and of course there’s a Yelp page specifically for our city. In addition to the many restaurants we have here there are other places and activities, while not within our borders exactly, are very close by.

One of those activities that people don’t often think about is a shooting range and we are extremely close to one of the best and actually most famous shooting ranges here in Southern California, the Angeles Shooting Range. It’s located just north of Sun Valley in Little Tujunga Canyon and it’s an outdoor shooting range that can accommodate handguns as well as rifles and other weapons. For those looking to get into sport shooting or just for personal protection, going to a shooting range is a good idea. The more knowledge you have about firearms if you are an owner or intend to use one, the better.

We said it was one of the most famous shooting ranges and indeed it’s actually been featured on some TV shows. If you are a fan of classic TV and watch the old private investigator show Canon, starring William Conrad, there is an episode in which the Angeles Shooting Range is prominently featured. People who have used the shooting range will immediately recognize it as the location used in this episode.

If you’re not into shooting or firearms of any kind there are hundreds of other things listed on Yelp that you could do and dozens of restaurants you could visit. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier know well that as we write this indoor and outdoor dining in Los Angeles County has been curtailed for the time being but it doesn’t hurt to check out Yelp and make a list of those restaurants you’d like to visit or try once dining is open to the public again.

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Things To Do
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Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Things To Do
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