Vacationing in California?

old california vacation poster

Is It Possible? Sun Valley Jose Mier Takes a Look

A few of us in the Sun Valley Jose Mier offices have been getting ads on our cell phones to vacation in California. This prompted a lot of discussion as to whether or not this was even possible.

old california vacation poster
old california vacation poster

The fact that the state of California just trying to drum up tourism from its own citizens suggests that tourism revenues are down. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this is so. People are really moving around a lot either inside the state for visitors coming to the states due to coronavirus precautions. It would seem that one of the prerequisites for tourism would be opening up restaurants fully as well as theme parks and other attractions that have been closed. However, we don’t see any signs of reopening soon period

Our Sun Valley restaurants keep hanging on by the skin of their teeth, either with patio dining or takeout, but we have to wonder how long businesses can last without full capacity. What’s true in Sun Valley it’s true throughout the state and people who would normally think about traveling to another city understandably have second thoughts especially when their favorite restaurants or wineries are closed.

We have to ask the state of California what they’re thinking. You want us to spend our money in the state but those of us who own restaurants are not making much and are just fighting for survival. Others may also have been affected by the coronavirus and don’t have to spending money to do much of anything. It seems like this enticement to vacation in California is an ill-conceived idea given that much of what draws people to California is not available right now.

Some of us in our offices have ventured outside of our community and were able to enjoy other places in the state, so the California vacation is technically possible. But there’s always the feeling the things are not as they should be. Restaurants are closed or have limited capacity and everyone is wearing a mask. There’s something about all this just doesn’t seem festive.

Even California’s own website dedicated to tourism is a great big coronavirus warning for anybody daring to venture into the state. That’s not a big draw.

We would love for people to visit California, whether from outside the state or inside. Sun Valley is in a perfect location for much of Southern California’s tourist attractions in an influx of visitors to our hotels and restaurants would be welcome. The only thing we can say is California better get its act together before trying to tout itself as a vacation destination.

Vacationing in California?
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Vacationing in California?
Sun Valley Jose Mier asks if it's really possible for Californians to take vacations inside the state given the economic hardships that are a result of the coronavirus.
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