Will Sun Valley Be the Next Electric Car Hub?

Sun Valley Neighbor Building Tesla Charging Station

We are not at that point of flying cars yet none of us at Sun Valley Jose Mier owns one, but we’re seeing more and more electric vehicles on the roads, including many Tesla models. There’s a push in many communities to make room for electric vehicles by providing charging stations for those vehicles.

electric vehicle charging station
electric vehicle charging station

Our neighboring city of San Fernando is just launched a program to provide charging stations for Teslas. An article in the San Fernando Sun discusses this project and the reasoning behind it. City officials in San Fernando seem to feel that it’s important to include resources for zero emission vehicles in their community and creating a charging station for Tesla vehicles is one step toward this goal.

The reasoning behind their choice for the proprietary charging system is that the majority of electric vehicles on the road are Teslas so to them it made sense. Having Tesla charging stations also means that Tesla drivers will see an icon on their car screens to let them know that San Fernando is a charging station location. Given the fact that most Tesla owners are more well-to-do then drivers of other cars it’s thought that by bringing these drivers and to San Fernando it will be a boost to the local economy.

If that’s the case, could other southern California cities such as Sun Valley be far behind? Or could the cities also cater to other electric cars and their owners like San Fernando is doing now? One can debate whether or not it makes sense to invest this money into a segment of the population that is still very small, but our neighbors seem to think it has merit. If this concept catches on we may see the same sort of thing in Sun Valley which may also boost the local economy. Until then, we have Sun Valley Jose Mier will continue to use our internal combustion engine vehicles as we navigate Sun Valley’s thoroughfares.

Will Sun Valley Be the Next Electric Car Hub?
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Will Sun Valley Be the Next Electric Car Hub?
Sun Valley Jose Mier discusses San Fernando's plans to build a Tesla charging station its community. It's hoped that it will attact upscale drivers to the area.
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