Cost of Living Lower in Sun Valley

Runnymede St. condo Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley Jose Mier Spots Housing Deals

Visitors to Sun Valley Jose Mier know that we promote our community is one of the underappreciated locations in greater Los Angeles. Sun Valley admittedly does not have the cache of a Newport Beach or Beverly Hills although we have our share of mansions and hillside properties. Still, on average, housing costs in Sun Valley are lower than elsewhere and this makes it attractive to those who want or need to live close to the center of Los Angeles in without spending an arm and a leg to do so.

According to the average price of the condominium in Los Angeles is around $530,000. That’s a steep price or someone looking for entry-level housing, but among the other qualities of Sun Valley California is that affordable housing can be found here. One case in point is a recent listing on for a condominium at 11813 Runnymede St. This seven hundred square foot condominium is being priced at $229,000. Taking a look at the photos on the site we can see that everything has been upgraded and this is a top-of-the-line condominium in a great location and complex.

Runnymede St. condo Sun Valley, CA
Sun Valley Jose Mier shares Runnymede St. condo Sun Valley, CA

This is just one example of the housing opportunities we have in Sun Valley and one of the reasons we feel our community and our neighborhoods provide a standard of living that can’t be equaled for the cost.

As we mentioned above we’re only about 10 miles from the center of Los Angeles making commutes relatively painless. In addition the availability of public transportation such as Metrolink can reduce our residents need even to get on the freeways. However, should we need to drive ourselves we are blessed by the fact that Interstate 5 runs directly through Sun Valley, bisecting it from north to south. We could go on, but we won’t. All of the amenities and superlatives about Sun Valley could be found in other articles on the Sun Valley Jose Mier website. We just want to take the opportunity once more to remind those looking for housing in Southern California that Sun Valley has what you want and at a price you can afford.

Cost of Living Lower in Sun Valley
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Cost of Living Lower in Sun Valley
Sun Valley Jose Mier shows an example of why housing costs are lower and more can be bought for less in our community.
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